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The webmaster was apparently having a lot of problems with spam, etc. It had been flagged as 'Not Secure' by chrome for a long time. Still a shame for build information to be lost even if some of it was just 1 step up better than VHS build tapes.🤣

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Very sad - I found that forum invaluable when I was building, although I suppose that was down to Simon mostly.

Considering the minimal cost of hosting a forum, I'm surprised GBS don't keep it going - it must be useful just to offer prospective customers? Yes, I know everyone uses FB but FB is rubbish for searching or putting large amounts of text, which you need when building your kit. 


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I'm surprised they kept it open so long, I was really the only one interested in it, can not remember any input from others accept Ruth.

I did start a google groups as backup, but Groups died a while back, and life has just got in the way, less time available for long explanations on the forum, and the questions dried to a trickle anyway.

I still have all the info, but after nearly four years, it's not going to be that up to date, although it appears to have taken most of that time, and nearly two years, whilst I was there, for the "new" Zero to appear so maybe not that far out of date.

I rarely do Facebook it's a horrible platform for long text entry, but all the stuff is on Mega and Dropbox, not in any sort of order, but its all there including the manaul, procedure write ups diagrams etc, could link to files I suppose, perhaps someone with more time than me, could volunteer to collate the information and make it more builder friendly, and if they feel something is missing or needs revision, I could add, alter etc.

Anyone interested?

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