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Lincolnshire Meetings for August


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I would like to restart meetings for the Lincolnshire team in August.   As usual I am looking for weekend lunchtime picnics which have been so successful in the past.   Unfortunately I am struggling with the same problems as other area secretaries in that we are limited to 6 people and also I need to find somewhere nice to visit with a big car park and, importantly,  open toilets.   My usual core team of 6 had a couple of practice runs in July, visiting Rutland Water and Foxton Locks, both very successful.   But we used the fact that we are all retired to have the meetings mid-week.  Even then, both of these locations were very busy so would probably be non-starters for a weekend meet.  I'm going to check out Burlghly House on Sunday to see how busy that might be.   But if anyone has any other suggestions in the local area let me know.

Meanwhile, could I have an idea of who would be interested if I can solve the problems ?   Please PM me or post here and let me know if you are weekend only or could manage any time.

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Astonishingly, the car sailed through the MOT with no advisories so I was without the car for only 2 hours 😀   I visited Burlghly House last weekend, and although it was very busy they were using 2 large fields as well so there was plenty of room.   So I am happy to host a lunchtime picnic for 6 on either Sunday 9th and Sunday 16th.   Could I have feedback on who would like to come ?

The second meeting for 'retirees' will be midweek during the last 2 weeks of August.

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