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Battery conditioner


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My father has just got a newer car and it doesn't really go anywhere so has asked my opinion on what battery conditioner to get so I'm asking a wider audience for their views and experience of using them.

He wants to leave it connected all the time I think, is there one that has a fly lead of sorts that he can disconnect easily when taking the car out .

I've looked at the ctek mxs 5 but any others?

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On the plug & play issue --- check if the cigar lighter/power point in the car is live all the time --- easy to just plug the CTEX charger straight in with a suitable plug fitted.

Our kit with a tiny battery remains on CTEX charge for weeks at a time, & all O.K

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Ctek is a good make.  All Cambridgeshires fire appliances use a version of their charger. They are left on all the time they are in the bays and they don't just keep the engine batteries topped up, there are radios and a light portable pump with batteries too 

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