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Registration plate bracket for IVA


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Hi, I'm about to fit the ali reg plate bracket to my nosecone, but wondered about expectations for IVA?   If the usual GBS bracket is there but no reg plate, might it fail on sharp edges?  Or if I just leave it off for the test, can I fail for not having a place to mount the reg plate?!



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One day the DVLA will photograph cars as presented for IVA & that will be the cars construction & use  ticket.

A local car ( at former home ) passed IVA without 'screen/demist/wipe & wash --- owner then fitted screen only & crashed in light rain shower on way to get tax from Post Office less then 2 miles from home.

You can at present get away with this shortage of essential equipment ( in the changeable English climate ) but please don't be following me.

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Safety critical should not be an optional extra, modify by all means BUT please leave the brakes/steering/vision/lighting to comply with Construction & Use Regs as tested at IVA.

Florin is not exactly as she left the test station --- reverse/fog lights changed & driving lights added; which I consider upgrades to safe motoring.

Each to their own Stuart, but we are playing on the public highway so should respect the rules.

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