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Post IVA forms - Help!


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After passing IVA yesterday I've been filling in the registration forms, but I'm not clear on a few things, if anyone could help, please!

My kit car is based on Sierra running gear from a complete donor, for which I still have the V5 with 1989 registration date.  I hope to get an old F reg age-related plate, definitely want to avoid a Q (I have receipts/photos etc).

  1. When I filled in the V55/5 registration application form, I needed to give "Date of original registration" and "Date of registration in the UK".  I found something online saying I should use the IVA test date for both.  But then I realised that might be for a build with all-new components!  So do I use the donor date in my case??
  2. On the V627/1 built up vehicle report form, I filled in make/model/colour etc for the kit car not the donor, is that right?  There's a box for Current Registration Number.  Do I fill in the donor reg, or leave that blank?  (I added all the serial numbers etc for components)
  3. Can anyone confirm if I need to be insured before I can pay for tax?  They appear to want a certificate or cover note for this.  This seems a bit chicken-and-egg, as I don't have my new reg number so can't give that yet, nor do I know how long registration will take so what would the insurance start date be?!

Cheers in advance 😃

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Congratulations on your IVA pass, a major achievment. I am of the opinion that everyone that drives any motorised vehicle on the Queen's highway is legally obliged to have at least Third Party Insurance. (perhaps motor mowers and some agricultural vehicles are exempt). So if you have been to and from the test station without any insurance I think that you have broken the law, and I am on my way to make a citizens arrest. I looked at my paperwork from 1999 (yes a long time ago) to discover that in order to venture out I was able to get insurance cover for the Exmo by using the engine number as an identifier, I am looking at the cover note as I type. Things have changed now I am sure, however the process went like this.

1. Strip donor and record that all the bits used for the kit came from the one source.

2. Build the kit to minimum roadworthy state, my own safety test.

3. Insure the kit with engine number

4. Make allowed drive to a local MOT test station, obtain an MOT certificate using the engine number, I have a copy of this.

5. Fill in the form that explains where all the bits came from, now, with MOT and insurance, legally drive to local inspector to assess the origins of the parts. I don't think this bit is done now. I mean an actual physical inspection. Anyway the inspector assesed that the car could use an age related plate. AND issued the kit with the magic VIN number. This new VIN number is key. I make sure that this VIN is stamped on the chassis in a very permanent way etc.

6. When ready, after paying and booking etc ... take kit to SVA test station for the obligatory fail.

7. Return, with all the niggles fixed, and get a pass certificate.

8. Fill in the request for a new reg, USE THE DATE OF SVA PASS as the date of first reg and date of reg, send in request, along with the MOT certificate.

9 Received the V5C ...with new age related reg ... and my MOT certificate officially stamped with new reg in place of engine number.

10 Get plates made, put on kit and am happy ever after.

Oh yes everyone needs insurance before renewing the road tax ... do you not have another car ?

Happy motoring, also just looking at your handiwork must be great.!


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Just an update after I called the DVLA.  The answers were

  1. As the donor is 1989 and I'm looking to retain the original reg plate, I was advised to leave V55/5 "Date of registration" blank and put an explanatory note in with the forms to the DVLA
  2. For the V672/1, I was advised again to leave Current Registration Number blank and include an explanatory note
  3. Apparently, it's only in Northern Ireland where insurance or cover note is required before paying the tax.  Sparepart, I used a magnificent invention called "a trailer" that you may have heard of...?  😆
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On 1/14/2021 at 3:01 PM, Sparepart said:

3. Insure the kit with engine number

4. Make allowed drive to a local MOT test station, obtain an MOT certificate using the engine number, I have a copy of this.

Do NEITHER of these things, 

3. Insure on the VIN number not the engine number

4. Do NOT get an MOT, again it's not on the engine number it's the VIN number, but worse than that once your car is on the VOSA MOT system it will need an MOT 12 months from that date. So if it takes you another 4 months to get through the IVA & the retest, then 2 months to get it registered, you will only have 6 months before you have to take it back for a MOT. If you get the IVA first you have 3 years before a MOT is required.


The MOT & the IVA are completely different tests, they test different things, you can pass an IVA test with illegal tyres if they are of the correct specifications, you can pass an MOT with under 4mm radii inside the cabin area.


To get your VED on a newly registered kit, call any of the specialist insurers & insure it on the VIN, they all will give you 30 days to supply the Reg No if you explain.

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I apologise for any confusion I may have caused. I did say "Things have changed now I am sure, however the process went like this" i.e. just letting you know what I did a long time ago...... I enjoyed getting out the old file and putting the papers in time order ..... I should not have shared the history with you   sorry.

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