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C20xe clutch problem when hot


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Hi all.

I have a s3a with a c20xe engine mated to a type 9 gearbox. It's perfectly fine untill it's very hot after abit of spirited driving and then it's stiff going into first and won't go into reverse with grinding it in.

It has the yellow clutch self adjustment mechanism and cable which is carb side and not near a hot exhaust.

It has some adjusting nuts on the cable at the gearbox end and last time it did it I adjusted these up and it sorted it for abit but it hasn't lasted long.

Any thoughts before I pull the engine and do a clutch?

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My reaction is to replace the yellow quadrant with the black one as this is a larger diameter thus pulling a bit more cable and getting more release on the clutch.

I had a similar problem and this has been the long term cure.

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I'd suggest looking at increasing the throw on the cable before pulling the engine.

Its a common problem even with the pinto, but especially (for some reason) with the redtop.

I had to try a number of quadrants and ended up with (I think) one from a Granada. Dont go by the colour, but by the diameter size, as aftermarket ones come in all colours. The quadrant itself is always the same size, but the groove comes in varying depths. You need one where the cable lies level with the top of it. MIne needs lifting a bit, ive fixed 2 cable ties, one on top of the other, into the groove before fitting the cable. Its all dismantled at the moment in the picture.

Do a search on this  site, the resourceful guys on here have come up with a number of solutions. 

If you do need a clutch, go direct to Helix for advice, they really know their stuff. 


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Spot on guys. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I know it's yellow but I will have a look tomorrow and see how the cable sits. I'm going to get a 55mm on order after having a look.

Thanks all

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If the radius of the quadrant is greater please ensure the entry into the fixed outer cable sheath is in line (will need to be moved up ) -- will prevent wear/fraying of the inner.

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