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How to make my Kit Car road legal?

Luke Glover

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Hi all, hope everyones well.

Quick question thats probably simple to most of you but I've become completely confused with what to do.


Ive got a mac1 worx kit car and I'm looking at making it road legal. would anyone be able to guide me through the steps of what i have to do?

many thanks

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You need to familiarise yourself with the IVA manual here which covers the test you need to pass before you can register it which is mostly a paperwork exercise.


It's likely to be a challenge and expensive, just the test is around £500. Not familiar with the car but presume it's got a bike engine so you'll be needing a reverse gearbox or another means of making it go backwards under its own power. Common IVA fail points would be sharp edges, noise and exhaust emissions thought the latter is maybe less of an issue if you go for a Q plate.



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Loads of Mac1 kits out there so it is possible. As Richy said start with the IVA manual, any issues or clarification post on here we are a helpful bunch.

Approach the IVA prepared but don't worry about failing about 75% of home built cars fail. But look at it as a short list of fixes to get roadworthy.

Mine failed on emissions, reverse light not working (did when I left my house) and no rubber covers on starter motor terminals.

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