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Earth improvement


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I've been having starter problems for a while and I found that fitting a temporary wire from starter body to battery earth fixed it. So maybe its the earth from engine block to chassis which is the problem? 

At the moment, it's got a chunky cable (battery size) but I can only guess its the bolt and washer on the chassis which is the limiting factor? 

I've removed the powder coat round the hole - is there anything else I can do to improve the connection? Different type of bolt, more washers? 

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Starter connects back through its mounting bolts.

I saw the words powder coat and first thought is that the bolts are not connecting in any real way.

Run a tap down the threaded holes to remove powder coat in the threads.

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13 hours ago, maca said:

I take it that you have an earth lead from the battery to the engine as well as the chassis connection?

I don't, no - is that usual? I've only recently had these problems, so it wasn't an issue before but I think I will add that and maybe to the starter motor mounting bolt. 

@Ian, no powder coating on the bellhousing where the starter motor bolts to. 

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Hi Neil,

A picture of how mine is connected.

The pic shows the small lead to the chassis at the R/H side then the large lead from the Battery terminal to the starter motor mounting bolt engine earth.


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