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Car Show Sunday 8th August 2021 - Doncaster


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12 minutes ago, Tazzzzman1 said:

Should be there in the Marcos, what time do you want us to arrive? Fingers crossed weather holds out

Wetayer looks to be improving, so fingers crossed. Exhibitors can arrive between 8am and 9.30am. Gates to the public open at 10am. Hope that's OK. 

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Yes thats ok for me, I'll aim to get there 8.30-9 ish (Dont want to wake up the neighbours too early to the V8 rumble on a Sunday lol). At least the car has a pretty good hood if needed....but hopefully not. See you there


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2 minutes ago, jaimo said:

Might be getting car back saturday so prob be able to go but the all day weather rain not looking gud 

That's great you will have the car back. Your right, the weather looks a bit hit and miss at the moment. If yiur feeling brave or it improves then it would be great to see you there. If not we should catch up on a nice day for a blat some time. 

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1 minute ago, jaimo said:

Just seen post that this has been cancelled ????

I am just in the process of updating all our platforms, your quick to see that 😂 yes, show has been postponed due to weather. We have limited hard standing so public would be parki g on super soft grass and this isn't a viable option. New date to be announced soon. 

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