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New Hood

Kenneth Steer

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I notice that you are a recently joined member, so i feel I have to mention that unless you are replacing an existing hood, and hence have an accurate pattern, there is going to be a fitting exercise involved. This is because during construction the windscreen position was determined by the builder, there were no pre-drilled holes for the pillar mounts in the factory bodyshell. This also applies to any frame or studs that were fitted. That is to say eatch hood will be unique, starting from a hood of generally correct proportions. You also did not mention sidescreens etc ... do you have some already ?  I apologise if you are already on top of this stuff, I know that it does not help to get a response that does not suggest a solution, only raises more questions. Although not urgent, I too am on the lookout for a hood, frame, sidescreens etc for an EXMO so will be keeping an eye on this thread.

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Hi Folks.

I hope you forgive me to hijack this post and ask my own question. I joined the rhocar forum a few months ago and just found this posting. I honestly pray that you that can help me. I have an Exmo and want to have a hood for it. But I am short of the necessary frame structure. I looked for such a thing for a long time. At least here in Germany, where the Exmo is a truely rare breed, there is no such thing on the market. I asked a convertible specialist to build me a custom one. He wanted somewhere 2,000 Euros for it. No way. But I am rather handy with tools. So I consider building my own. But I need a blue print of how this frame structure looks and works. Where are the hinges and places where the thing folds? Where is the hood structure attached to the car? Questions over questions. Without the roll bar, I would probably find a way by looking at other convertible structures. But I have no idea how do I get over or under the roll bar without making it a lot bigger than the outer edge of the boot when the hood is folded away ...

I created an emergency roof myself by attaching a piece of lorry tarp to the front screen with Tenax buttons and then tie it down it with straps onto the boot to stretch it over my head with no further stabilisation to it. This in fact keeps away the rain reasonably well and can be folded into a small package nicely to put it into the boot. But it lacks structure and stability. At 80 km/h it starts blowing up to a scary degree and I am afraid that it will rip off one day at full speed and cover the windshield of the car behind me.

Therefore I am looking for someone who has a hood with the necessary frame structure that would be nice enough to send me pictures of that frame detailed enough so I can copy it and build my own. Can someone help me out with that?

By the way, I solved the issue of not being able to drill holes into the windshield frame by creating an extra frame made of 2,5 mm U-shaped steel that is put over the windshield frame like a glove and then screwed to the side panels that hold the windshield. It weighs about 2,5 kg and looks slightly bulky when attached, but I can drill as many holes into the frame as I like to attach Tenax buttons or screws and it also withstands reasonable pull forces without ripping the windshield apart. 


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