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GBS loom starter wires


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Very annoying that GBS decided to switch off the GBS Owners Club forum - this question was asked and answered on there loads of times  😡

The GBS main loom had 2 pink wires, one for the starter motor and the other was, I think, labelled 'starter button'? I never used it but I am now planning on adding a starter button - does anyone know if this 2nd pink wire is basically just a duplicate of the first ie. goes to the 12v feed of the starter motor?

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My attitude to this is to check continuity.

With a volt meter measuring volts first check that both wires are at the same voltage. ( if volts are not the same then they are are obviously not connected)

Then switching to a low resistance range check for continuity.

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Main loom and some of the adaptor plug in looms, were designed and built by a guy called Brenden.

Things change, so it is possible they don't use it now, but both the Mk1 and Mk2 looms had the start button provision.

Could be the person you spoke to was not conversant with earlier loom.


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7 hours ago, knights_templar said:

interesting diagram on the blog, still can't make head nor tail of it 🙂


😁 It was done while sitting on the bog 😁

Bottom half is the original circuit (I've always had a hidden switch in the starter circuit), top half is the new one. It actually runs from that 2nd pink wire, not the ignition directly,  but electrically the same. The box top right is that panel with switch and button on it. 

If you could send me the economy map,  that would be cool. 👍 I'll pm my email...

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