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Exmo throttle pedal fettling


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The rebuild has reached the pedal box. The brake and clutch mechanism has cleaned up and is in good shape and fits well. However I was in a rush on the original build, and just "shoe horned" the throttle pedal in. The pedal and pivot mount are unmodified Sierra and bolt to a vertical flap that is cut and bent up from the base of the bulkhead. It's simple to fit so I concentrated on getting a good pedal position. Things were going swimmingly until I fitted the thick steel plate that the servo and pedal box bolts to. RHE had kindly precut a hole of sorts, with a plasma cutter, for the throttle cable to pass through and large enough to fit the nice rubber grommit that is already on the Sierra cable. The problem was/is that the position of this hole is well below top of the throttle pedal, where the cable attaches. Dropping the pedal until the cable is level with the hole means the bottom of the pedal almost touches the floor. At the time I returned the pedal to a comfortable position, and had the cable clamped at a steep downward angle (like 45 deg) as it passed through the hole in the thick plate, the grommit looked pretty distorted and I had to keep it in by clamping the inner part with a jubilee clip. All this mash up is/was invisible when the pedal box cover is bolted on, however the bend in the cable and the angle at which the inner cable gets pulled is/was far from ideal. It worked, but for how long?... every time I pushed on the throttle an image of what was going on under the cover flashed into my mind. Now I have the time to fix this. I assume that every Exmo and S7 build must have faced a similar issue?, so what did people do?. I could drill another hole in the steel plate, higher up. I could alter the length of the pedal, but that will change the "sensitivity" of the throttle response, or make my own pedal. I am just wondering what others have done. I couldn't find anything relevent in the archives, and I think the build video is suitably vague in this area.

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I fitted a universal cable with a pivot end to my pedal, cable goes through a cable length adjuster (fitted through a nut welded to inside of pedal box) and on to my bike carbs,

It is neat and gives the necessary adjustment to cable I need

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So basically you have also drilled a seperate hole on the plate, except instead of a gromit the welded nut accepts the threaded tube of the adjuster on the universal cable and presumably a lock nut on the outside of the pedal box plate. Yes I can imagine that is a neat setup, as you did not want/need to use the standard cable fitments at the carb end. Thanks.

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