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Anti-vibration weights


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My gear lever vibrates a lot (GBS quickshift) - can anyone suggest some sort of weight I can attach to the lever to dampen the vibrations?

Searched online but can't find anything suitable...

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Could it actually be something like your propshaft being out of balance?

Yes the sierra has rubber dampers in the gear lever but these were noise limiters rather than vibration dampers so I suspect that something is well out of ballance.

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Posted (edited)

It's always been like this since I did my build 5 years ago. The prop was provided by GBS, so hopefully it was correctly balanced?

Below is the quickshift mechanism - as you can see, lots of potential for vibration with all those long lengths dangling...



I was really looking for some sort of weight I can bolt onto the lever, just above that rose joint.


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Annoyingly, it's tapered but around 15mm...I was thinking of a load of penny washers covered in a piece of bicycle inner tube rubber - does that sound stupid?

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