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52 mm fuel guage

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In my experiance most of them.

The bigger problem can be does the sierra sender work in your tank. The float needs to just touch ( or be a few thou off) the bottom of the tank when mounted and also just touch the top of the tank to work best.

My tank is deeper than the sierra tank.

I bent the arm to do just touch the bottom as I want to be accurate near running out. This leaves the float not getting to the top of the tank. I could have extend the arm but wanted to finish the build so afrer filling up and for the next 40ish miles my guage reads full but I know that I have enough this way. This has never caused me any problems so I have left it that way.

Most analog guages require a voltage regulator so that the readings are consistant, this also applies to temperature guages.

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Did you do a search for this topic ? you might already have found this https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/49808-fuel-sender/ . Notice that the Sierra sender has a pin that increases resistance as the tank empties and one that goes the other way decreasing resistance as the tank empties .... might explain your comment about your gauge reading backwards.

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