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High pressure fuel pump


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Hi guys, and girls, just wondering what popular fuel pumps people are using for injection supply. I am running a 2 ltr duratec on a high pressure pump from a swirl pot, supplied by a low pressure facet pump. Getting a little fed up by the continous clacking of the facet, and would like to go to a single in tank pump solution. I've heard that the fix is to fit a land rover pump, but I will surely need to open up the tank appature, with the associated dangers, also the work will be done with tank in, as to remove it is a major job. Any advise please?

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I fitted Landrover pump in tank in my 2B. It needs to be modified to reduce the overall height to fit in the tank which is a fiddle but do able.

Tank needs a bigger hole making in the top which you can do in-situ. You need to cut the hole very accurately or it won't seal, this means draining the tank completely then chain drill and file the hole which will be about 100mm diameter.

You need to make up a clamping arrangement to clamp the pump down on to the tank. I've probably got photos somewhere of what I did that I can share.

Sender unit can be used but you need to modify the float arm to get it to work.

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yes its a good modification to do i did it on my GBS zero fitted the range rover v8 intank pump swirl pot and when i fitted a turbo i needed more fuel pressure which i just swapped the actual pump for a wabco race pump which fitted perfectly in the swirl pot 

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