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Throttle cable/linkage


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I have the attached throttle lever on a Weber carb with 8mm ball end. Could anyone suggest a throttle cable or attachment to fit this? The standard Ford is smaller and weirdly Webcon/Fast Road Cars etc who supply this part don't seem to have anything suitable. It is a standard Weber part but I'm pulling my hair out trying to find this!

Throttle lever DMTL.jpg

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I think the 8mm ball normally goes to another linkage which then has the throttle cable attached to it  (usually when there are multiple carbs). That's how mine was with twin 40s on a Pinto in my 2B. 

I'm pretty sure you can get throttle levers with different fittings, instead of the ball, if you're just using 1 carb.

Try "Googling" Weber throttle linkages, or have a search on eBay, I think you should find something to sort you out or give you an idea of how you could modify what you've got.


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This is just a suggestion, I've not tried this, however have you considered fitting a smaller ball. That is chop off the current one thats too large, drill a hole and fit a smaller ball to match the Ford cable that you have. Various sized balls are available, they are used by RC model builders for example see the links below.




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