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Robin hood 2B


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Having to consider put up my Robin Hood 2B up for sale due to the new London ULEZ rules.

  • Engine: Ford Pinto SOHC 2.0
  • Cam: Kent Ultimate Road (KCGTS1K)
  • Carbs: Dual Weber DCOE 45's
  • Exhaust: Simpsons stainless steel exhaust.
  • Milage: currently says 10000 but have had a major overall of the engine only about 2000 miles ago.

Runs on super unleaded but can run on normal unleaded. I am not the original builder but I have loads of building manuals and recipets form when it was built. Recently had a service with new oil and filter, drained and refreshed radiator coolant and has an MOT until 2024.
Registered as an actual Robin Hood and on a ‘D’ plate not a ‘Q’ plate.
It was been tuned on a dyno in its current condition and is making 140hp. (Have the print out from R.A.C.E.).

Additional items:

  • Full wet weather gear with Hood and Doors.
  • Bike rack for the rear (if you want it)
  • Spare cycle wings and new brackets from GBS – just didn’t get around to fitting them.
  • ETB instruments to replace the Escort dash. (Tacho, speedometer, Fuel, Oil, Water)
  • Various spares (like piping for cycle wings), fuel filters and others that I have replaced.


Some things that need work:

  1.  Some spidering and cracks in the fiberglass. They are small and cant see until you are close up.
  2. Small scratch on the windscreen, which should be able to be buffed out.
  3. Left cycle wing bracket needs to be replaced as broken a few times and rewelded. (have spares to do it.)
  4. Stone Guards have a crack and needs replacing (have a sheet to replace them with the parts)
  5. The Cam is almost run in and could do with checking the gaps in the lifters.

Its been a great little runabout and never broken down on me and I will be sad to see it go, but I cant justify the constant cost of taking her out whenever I feel like it due to ULEZ.
Looking for £5000
Please contact me if you have any further questions.
I will add better pics on the weekend, but I wanted to just get some feelers out there.
Have added a pic of the engine and a video of it running. Also added a pic of the wet weather gear.profile_pic.jpg.a273c45befb06b1ee942b4464293d3db.jpg








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Its an absoluter PI55ER isnt it? I'm in the same boat, but I'm waiting to see if its delayed before I get rid of the car.

Me & my son put heart and soul into building it, and it will be devastating to have to part with it.

But I'm also looking at "legal loopholes," given I only live about 1.5 miles inside the M25....

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