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Need for a pressure regulator depends on the pump pressure.

Mine runs about 4psi and the carb is ok with that. Mechanical pump is about 3psi.

Of course if you try to run an electric EFI pump into a carb life could get interesting.

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The more I think about this issue I am convinced it has to be as @Foz stated fuel evaporation after a run. I totally agree that either an electric fuel pump to prime or as a full time device solve this and appreciate the advice and knowledge I have received. After more thought and research I have come across a Phenolic inlet manifold spacer that greatly reduces heat transfer from the head to the inlet manifold and ultimately the carb.

has anyone ever fitted one of these and if so any feedback on them please ?  

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I have one and it slows down evaporation but does not stop it the carb is still sitting on top of a hot engine.

But I have no vents in the bonnet so with the engine stopped there is some build up of heat.

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