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Sylva Striker


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Hello all, I am starting this thread to keep a log and if anyone interested in my process on the car. I bought this car already built with all spec below and brief history of the car as well. 

The car is 1977 Sylva Striker tax exempt (Registered in 2000) MK escort running gear, 1660 Crossflow, with Piper 285 fast road cams, polished and parted head, twin 40 Dellortos carbs, 5 speed gearbox, Micro Dynamics rev limiter, Lumenition Electronic ignition system, Davies Craig Electric water pump & thematic kit, Facet Fuel Pump, Aluminium catch tank, uprated started motor, silicone hoses. full adjustable AVO suspension all round, M16 brake kit on the front with braided lines & Rear drums, 13" wheels, pop off steering wheel and English rear axle. Colour is blue and has touring pack on it which is the doors and windows. Full wind screen with wiper. Leather Bucket seats, with 4-point harness, oil & water temp gauge. Digital speedo, standard escort steering rack.    

Pervious has had the engine setup/tuned and dyno @115 bhp with 108 flbs and had corner weights and alignment set up by Northampton motorsport. Got all print outs for this but that was fair few years ago. 

Fair few owners as most kit cars have and been built nicely got fair bit of its history with the car from builder and odd owners as well. I’ll keep everything I do to the car etc. 

I’ll post fair few pictures of the car of when picked it up. 

Since owning it from September 2023 I have just been using it and enjoying it, the car drives lovely. I wanted to find out if anything I didn’t like or needed changing etc over winter so come spring I could use it to the max.

I go to The Motorist in Sherburn in Elmet near Leeds (LS25 6JE) is not far away for me fair bit not bad drive out. I plan to go to a few car shows in 2024 with club, planning some rides out to coast and take it over to Isle of man to see the family as well (if wife let me). She doesn’t get why I have got kit car but wanted one for so many years now. Had old school minis and ford puma track car in past. I used to help mate race in 750MC Locust series too, so it’s been big dream to get one and have some fun. I was tempted with full fast road/track spec kit car but this one came up at good price not too far away so didn’t have travel ages and hire trailer out to get it etc. I am liking that it has windows and side doors. You talk and understand each other and it’s not too cold either. I’d like to track with it, but it only be to Blyton or Oulton park and 3 sisters as that’s small track.

Jobs for over December onwards. 

1. Full service, new plugs, fluids all round, gaskets etc.  with full bolt and nut check. Might buy new nuts and bolts kit of eBay so it all looks nice.

2. Clean up all around and underneath, body needs tidying up from cracks and stone chips etc. Sorted it all out and painted same colour as the bonnet is a different shade of blue and new poly side windows as well. Paint roll cage and mirrors black with footwell. So, everything matches etc.

3. New rear brake drum slaves and front brake lines. Paint front cailpers red to make rear drums.

4. Polish all aluminium up around whole car and interior, clean leather seats and steering wheel up so nice smart etc.

5. Fit new TRS harness and tow straps. 

6. Weld O2 bung onto exhaust for engine tuner (need to check if wants one on or not 1st)

7. Go to engine tuner for it setting back up for its full potential knowing what car has and what’s fitted on the car etc. 


So over next few weeks I’ll do my best to post updates and pictures of my journey with this car. 

cheers Kenner 













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I have been looking at making some interior bit for it. I seen this off good old eBay make tunnel cover, inserts for sides and maybe the doors. Wasn’t sure if flocking the doors would be better. 





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I think were going down to root of filling and sanding inside of the doors to make it look smart. Not sure if go blue like outside of car or go black. 

We just ordered the paint for it so plan start date with mates body shop and then begin all the work. Not started on anything as yet. I just ordered new battery as one car isn't very good and bought trickle charger for it and it hasn't help but at least been able to turn it over etc. Start getting few items bought over next few weeks then crack on. 

Need to look at either finding somewhere local to Wakefield that cut new windows for me as don't want to post mine out in case they get damaged or lost. I did think about ordering them from MK but knowing my luck the bolt holes wont match up. 

Hopefully ill have some pictures and more updates in next few weeks. 

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Things slowly coming together for me, didn’t have much luck in December to feb with Daily car kept braking down so put me back doing jobs on this. Stupid qashqai, I had clutch issues, then broken suspension then binding brake calliper lol

managed to sort out garage and build new work bench. Sort all stuff out that chuck in over winter months lol weather anit been great and little

ones to help but cannot spend too long outside as getting cold. 

finally started on striker - been starting up weekly on drive and moving back n forwards over last few months. 

Finally got it in air to start cleaning the underneath of it and sort any little issues out. 

Jobs start very soon is replace rear slave cylinders and brake shoes etc. had slight leak on drivers side. So replace it all. 
paint front brake red and new flex hoses on. Then fresh fluid etc. be placing an order with burton power soon for those. 

I have ordered everything for body work just waiting for warmer weather to crack on with that at mates body shop. Get brakes painted red too. 
other items are slowly turning up that order. 


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Posted (edited)

Been having a few issues with rear brake drums over last few weeks. 
disassemble them all to find someone had used a screw on handbrake adjustment. It was on side that was leaking too. Drivers side was leaking passenger side was all fine. 

managed to find 2nd hand pair in south of Sheffield so wasn’t too bad. Had to clean the handbrake adjustment bracket up and little bit now moving all smoothly etc . While I was there I cleaned rear drums all up and rusted treated them and also painted them. Pictures will follow later this week. 
Got all new parts from Burton power so just got to install them. 

started few other jobs which post about very soon. 

done this post on my phone so see how it looks etc if goes alright I’ll post more off phone as always got with me instead of pc at work lol. 





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Bad grammar lol extra info
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Cracked on on garage since weather getting better now. 
managed to get all rear brakes sorted out and rebuilt. All connected back up. 
just waiting on new braid lines for the front. To bleed and test it all when they arrive. 
also need to repaint outer drums and front cailpers tomorrow.

Also managed to lot treatment in front frame too, tidy up surface rust and re painted parts too. New radiator pipe arrive so re plumb all coolant back up now. 

Could do with engine taking out and do it all nicely but I’ll make do so I can use this year then I’ll pull it all out over winter. As want to be able to use it soon. 



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Cheers, hoping more parts will arrive this week. Main item I am waiting on is new braided lines for the front. Then I can get it all rolling again. Get all new fluids in her and then off to body shop. Then let the tidying up begin also get a good work out polishing it up too 🙂

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New radiator hose arrived so I flushed the system out and get all ready. I managed to install mega quickly. Flushed system out 3 times to get all yucky water out. Put some more coolant and water back in for now as waiting in expansion tank arriving. Then do 50/50 mix for car then that’s job complete. It’s great having electric water pump mega quick to fill back up and get all air out too. 

Also started painting the rear hubs and front cailpers. Sanded them down cleaned them up and done 1st coat of paint. I’ll do 2nd before weekend. Give plenty time Dry out also picked up some little brush’s to do last little tweaks to them. 
New braid lines have arrived but I forgot to order the new bulk head fittings so hoping they arrive before weekend so finish brakes off completely. 




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Started fitting new blue silicone pipe and noticed that hose for the expansion tank hose is pretty warm on a knackered so I replaced that as well you can see the compare below. Also fitted now expansion tank this one is from a volvo. so the coolant system topped up ready for this year driving :) 

just got to sort all brakes out now they all fitted up just waiting on a new fitting as thread in this one is no good. Hopefully come in day or so. New braid lines all fit and work. 
Took doors for easy access while clean up and remove seats and harness next to clean up cockpit. 

next is oil and filter change with new gaskets over weekend clean air filter and engine bay. 


slowly getting there now also had a little helper with me. His name is fidget :) 





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Bit of big catch up on striker. 

Front brake lines is still an issue, but they work hoping to get all sorted after done body work. 
hand brake works lovely which is a bonus since that worries me a little as didn’t want to spend £400 on rear disc conversion. 

car runs great, keep running it up to temp and new coolant doing its job. 
the clutch stuck a little bit but managed to get it free by myself. So lot happier now lol as typical everything goes wrong just before it’s booked in at the body shop. 

the aluminium panels in cockpit are mega dirty and haven’t been looked after well. So I have given good clean, tried to get looking better. I’ll give them a good once over again after body work been finished as only get covered in dust etc. taken seats out for deep clean too. 

Touched up black paint on the cockpit too. Cleaned all crap out from around seats. Given it some a lot of love as been neglected from previous owners, I think. 

car booked in at body shop so have more of an update later on. 



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Finally got to mates body shop at last. 
crazy few weeks. 

re painted all blue panels and repair any issues and paint roll bar. 😀

I did fair bit of prep at home before so wasn’t taking too much of mates time up.
filled front arched my self but put bit too much fiber glass on them but been a while since done body work so quickly learnt my mistake. Managed to rear tub a lot better. 

Things I could remove I did as it was only a small drive down road to his unit. I booked this week off work so help out too. 

Doors dismantled got new Perspex windows to go in and removed all old foam and glue. Mirrors to clean up and new foam too. 

removed drivers seat and harness so get to roll bar. 

rear tub has all been dismantled any cracks sanded down and filled. I made sure things all labelled up so easy to re install. 

exhaust tip removed so get arch better. 

I’ll posting few more updated this week on the car. 








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