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    22 hours ago, Thrashed said:

    Cheers guys.

    I have done a whole blog of the process which has mainly been for my own memories. Neil did do the first bit in the mag but that was just the thought process.  It has turned into a 70+ page word document with probably another 2-3 pages to bring up to date.  

    Happy to share my mistakes to make it smoother for you. 

    70 pages!!! You'd definitely have finished it by now if you weren't writing a novel! 🤣🤣

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  2. £350? Christ you're better bringing it up to Steve Walford in Birmingham to tune including a hotel overnight haha. Recently cost me £100 for an evening session - 4 hours roughly? And yes, it made a world of difference. I cannot recommend a good tune enough. Like I said, its gone from hard work to manage the engine and driving to literally smooth and easy allowing me to enjoy the day at Curborough. 

    Yes the rolling road is tough on the car, but its no different to you thrashing it around on the road or a track. I'd rather it highlighted problems on the RR than the side of the road - I can 1000000% stand by that statement 🤣🤣

    If it doesn't survive you fix it and move on. These aren't mass produced tin tops, they're for us to break, repair and improve. The RR will change your driving experience judging by what you've said about the current tune. All the bits you've replaced can only work as well as they can provided they are doing their job at the right time - something a tune will ensure.


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  3. Have you not had it on a rolling road to check the timing is all doing the right stuff in the right places? I can't believe how much the driveability of mine improved after a day on a dyno getting all the fuelling and timing tweaked (also had a hard acceleration issue where I couldn't stomp the throttle but had to build it up). Literally went from hard work to drive to an absolute pleasure again.........Or at least so I could realise that suspension is next on my hit list haha.

  4. Cracking day, cheers all for organising it! I need to add suncream to the tool box!


    10 hours ago, MarkBzero said:

    Any near miss or accidents? Always worried about damaging my pride and joy. 

    There were a couple spins and @Matt brown offering an off-road experience but everyone made it off the track ok! This event was 1 car at a time so the only danger is your right foot. Plenty of space to get it wrong and come out the other side ok as you find the limits of your grip/talent.....like I did ;) haha

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  5. GBS silencer on my Mazda Zero was so quiet, they didn't even test it at IVA lol. Did a track day after around 5k miles and it was still only reading around 96db if I remember rightly. The problem is they begin to rattle as the perf tube isn't properly fitted into the tailpipe end. I've just stripped mine out, removed the (basalt?) packing and replaced it with Acousta-fil. But also, replaced the perf pipe and end caps so the perf pipe is fixed both ends.

    Total cost of redoing the 2 silencers has been around £150, £100 of that was the exhaust packing which in reality, would probably have been fine without doing but I don't fancy messing about with it in the future - got bigger things to sort out - just need it to be quiet enough for a couple track days ;) 

  6. To an IVA - Yes providing your insurance will allow it.
    Unregistered car to MOT thats not an MOT (even if the garage don't record it...is it still an MOT? - Might need to provide proof of MOT which they can't do because no registration) - minefield. 

    Risk vs Reward.

    All it takes is one police officer on a bad day interpreting the law differently and your car is crushed for being untaxed, uninsured, unregistered and you find yourself a hefty fine and points.  

    Personally, I'd do the IVA test driving there - if you don't have confidence in your build....will the IVA tester? After than, worst case, you need a retest - £90 still? Then you can book an appointment at the local garage to rectify emissions if needed and be covered. Yes it costs more, but if you've already sunk £10k into the build, whats an extra £100-200 for legal peace of mind?

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  7. Highest level of bodge wins right? And reliability is like a golf score ;) 

    Yes, highest number of AA call outs wins every time 👍


    IF the car just worked, it would mean spending more time doing housework or something. Tactical breakdowns lads, tactical breakdowns haha

  8. 19 hours ago, theduck said:

    Have moved it to plymouth for you.  I am speaking with the developer of the map plugin to try and get this resolved.


    14 hours ago, Longboarder said:


    I found just finding your address on the map by zooming and right click, you can drop a pin for your location too. Had the same issue of not being able to even put my address/postcode in to search etc.

    Is the members map locked to just members or can any public account view it?

  9. I had some warranty thrown in on a car I bought a number of years ago. Car threw a check engine light on the way home from this garage, unfortunately by the time I could turn round and get back they'd have closed so ended up calling the next day. Surprise surprise the warranty wouldn't cover any investigation (quick google said it would be one of 2 things) and even then, they wouldn't cover one of them. Ended up getting the work paid for by the garage by threatening action under Sales of Good Act (thats how long ago it was). They subsequently covered the work to get it investigated and fixed.
    IMO the law is a much better warranty than any warranty. Buying a used car is always a gamble and anything can go wrong - you're just lucky if its covered under the warranty. My Audi had an engine mount snap, that was a rare random failure, warranty wouldn't have covered it but still cost me £900 and a week without a car. Brand new car I'd have argued but at 85k miles it would definitely be "failures happen" parts.

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