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  1. Hi all, been busy putting my pinto engine back together, whilst putting the pistons back in somehow I've managed to lose a nut(probably dropped and rolled somewhere ) that holds the big ends together, I thought that I'd been very careful and kept everything together and in its place,

    Anyway, does anyone have one lying around they could pass on


    Thanks in advance


  2. Yes,yet another fantastic weekend, good friends, good food and drink and quite a few laughs, the weather tried to dampen everyone's spirit but of course in true RHOCAR fashion we all just got on with it and laughed it off

    Also well done to the girls, and to all who helped raise a fantastic amount of money for a good cause,

    Just got to wait for the end of year bash now for the next one, maybe we should have a mid-season bash too

    Once again thank you to all those who made it happen

    Ivan +Andrea

  3. Hello ladies and gentleman,


    We understand how difficult it is when we are camping to keep your drinks chilled, so that after a long, hard day you can have a nice cold tipple of what ever it is u fancy. A terrible problem that has beset us all at some point, we go running in desperation to the nearest beer or pimms tent (but as we all know that's a very costly business)


    Some of the RHOCAR ladies have figured out a solution to this very distressing problem. HALLELUJAH I hear you say!!!!!


    For a small fee (TBC) we shall sell you a glass with some ice in it, extremely chilled lemonade and a very tasty selection of chilled fruit, we thought a nice mix of strawberry, orange, cucumber and mint.


    We shall be doing this to raise funds for Bluebell Wood (a Sheffield children's hospice) http://www.bluebellwor.org/


    We shall be doing this on the Saturday night, and when its gone its gone.


    Last thing so say just to wet your whistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please Imagine Moist Mouth Sensation !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    See You Soon


    Andrea (aka red lilly, aka mrs ivan the terrible)

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  4. Hi, I'll have the wet weather gear off you for £200,are you going to Stoneleigh by any chance, if so could you get it there for me to collect, we're at doncaster so it's a bit of a trek, or if you know anyone else who is going that Could drop it off


  5. Very disappointing news, like most have said ,their loss, now we can look forwards, I'm sure the club being what it is it won't be long before a newer and better venue is sorted,let's face it the facilities weren't that inviting considering the amount of money the events generate throughout the year, they could have invested a little,

    Anyway, we're up for a weekend away, don't mind if it costs more than Hollowell, will still be worth it,

    Ivan & Andrea

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  6. Keith, just buy a van that's big enough for your needs, don't worry about towing it, if the boss is willing and capable of towing, then that leaves you to have fun driving the kit to the shows, it works for us (probably going to be in trouble for saying all that)


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