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  1. For those who have asked if they can contribute, veg peelers, veg choppers, taste testers,wine waiters and some nice crusty bread, for those with caravans possible use of an oven for Moss dumplings, and last of all, pudding!!!!!!

    We're guessing 30 plus people

  2. Hi all, sorry again Mr dictator, could do with a bit of help on my electrics, modified my dashboard a bit, but I think I've got to my limits regarding the wiring. Somehow I've lost my indicators, hazards and brake lights,

    So I was wondering if there were any auto electricians around the south Yorkshire area, will need a good sense of humour to understand my handy work,would really appreciate the help,

    Cheers Ivan

  3. Hi all, sorry Mr dictator for intruding but my commanderìng chief (Andrea) would like to know roughly how many are camping on Saturday night, beef stew (and dumplings made by Mo) are on the menu, how many would like to join us?

    Cheers Ivan

  4. you can add mine to the list, 2.0 pinto, type 9 gearbox, chassis No is 8028 RHE 2B ## 0403,

    ## are I think 2 random letters (might be builders initials) but I'm not telling what they are (you don't know who's listening in) :ph34r:, I believe that the chassis numbers were initially made up, with part of it relating to the car itself (don't quote me cos I could be completely wrong)

    the first 4 again random I think, RHE 2B we all know that one, the last 4 I think are the month and year of registration,

    kit sorned at the moment will be taxing before easter

    giving it a make over, with a few new whistles and bells

    only had it 16 months, I'm no mechanic, but I'm doing my kit car apprenticeship, getting there and enjoying the rollercoaster ride



  5. hi all, could anyone tell me what vehicle my front discs might be off, in the process of changing my discs and calipers, thought that they were all sierra parts, how wrong was I, calipers are from a mk 6 escort, discs I don't know, the ones I've tried are not deep enough so don't fit on the hub correctly, see pics, I'm wanting to put vented discs on, got solids at the moment, can anyone help!!!!!!




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