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  1. thats computers for you i couldnt message a mate on messenger for about two months he could message me but i couldnt answer him and then one day i could weird 

  2. yes its a good modification to do i did it on my GBS zero fitted the range rover v8 intank pump swirl pot and when i fitted a turbo i needed more fuel pressure which i just swapped the actual pump for a wabco race pump which fitted perfectly in the swirl pot 

  3. if you can let me know your menu choice by the 18th november  is the cut off date set by the pub  for the people who have already agreed to attend  any choices not tendered by that date will not be going to the event sorry  so please make your choices ASAP thanks i will nudge as many people as i can 

  4. its that time of year to start thinking of the festive season and this year i propose a change of venue to the Red Cow at Leicester forest east on the 3/12/22 at 7pm they also do accomadation so anybody that wants to stop over they can so lets have a show of hands of people that want to attend 


    so we have a list of people who have confirmed with menu choices 

    matt -jasmine 

    sharon -kerry 




    chris-jayne -dan

    mat - jasmine 

    phill - helen 

    dean danielle reggie

    keith - becky  

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