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  1. Cheers dude thanks for the advice, so I really need to fix the filler on the cover plate for future fill-up when the diff is in place. Now that everything is stripped from the rear axle, I need to look carefully at the diff, it looks like a hair line fracture on the top where the large bolt attached it to the frame of car. So maybe some welding is needed and whilst its all off, I should really either replace or fix the filler
  2. Just a quick safety check question (as I don't know the history of the axle): I gather the only high tensile steel bolts are on the hubs & brake carriers. As these are the only bolts that seem to have 10.9 written on the heads. All the others look standard.
  3. Cheers guys much appreciated, some hunting around to do now.
  4. Can anybody suggest any places links I can get the nuts and bolts required for a Ford Sierra 7" diff. Or should I just go to Ford Parts? Just stripping down a rear axle to fit onto the kit and most of the bolts are either seized, damaged or stripped. The filler plug is completely seized and no use, but the diff has another filler tapped into the top already. Need to replace the Torx retaining bolts for the the diff cover. Also need to replace the fitting bolts as most needed to be drilled out or cut off. I found these, but would rather replace all of them with new whilst I'm restoring the rest: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Sierra-Sapphire-Esate-Rear-Hubs-rear-Arms-7-diff-differential-Bolts-/253453378826 Any links, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dino
  5. Thrashed, isn't this officially opening on the 27th? https://www.facebook.com/events/188752982016954/ The Westfield boys are also arranging a meet-up that weekend, so could be a good gathering of 7's.
  6. All set up after a great drive in and the weather will be cracking. So lots of sunscreen required.
  7. Im sure something will be posted on here, but if you come in your kit for the day you will find the club stand as you drive in ( cant miss is ) and you just park up there and enjoy a cuppa and a chat, if you want to camp ( highly recommend ) they have an area far away from anyone else and you just show your ticket, pitch up and enjoy. Nikki
  8. We will be there Keith to help, Dino has to collect my caravan ( no tenting ever again !!! ) but I will be there first in the kit of course about 12, Nikki
  9. I hope you are bring some cake with you then !!!!! Nikki x
  10. sorry we missed out, our house has been under attack of the flu for the past 2 weeks
  11. There is camping available on request, we are taking our caravan, you just need to fill in the form ( see link below ) and state you are attending with the kit car club and require camping. http://www.moiracanalfestival.co.uk/classic-vehicles
  12. Have not seen this posted yet on here http://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk/tickets.php Nikki
  13. Moira canal festival is in the midlands and a great 2 day event, aimed at families but supported with lots of cars, we didn't go last year and they moved the date but happy to say we are this year. There will be some Westfields there so it would be to see a few hoods keeping the RHoCar flag going There might be an option to camp but there is limited space if you are interested please let me know. We are hoping to camp and please see the link below for more details http://www.moiracanalfestival.co.uk/ ps this is Nikki using Dino's log in, so be nice !!!!!
  14. Andi Ive pinched Dino log in so I can post about Moria and yes its on :-)
  15. Very good, extremely confident in the kit now and been using it ever time the sun shines instead of the daily driver. Cannot wait to see how the rolling brake test does compared to last year.... which was terrible and barely passable. I would say it's not as neck breaking as a servo setup. But extremely quick and strong off the mark and fantastic feel. I would like to next convert the rear to discs and have collected everything ready for the dark months except adapter plates. So stay tuned for more pictures, questions and lots of cursing. :-)
  16. Cheers dude, I will give it a shot and provide feedback when I get chance.
  17. Lots of jobs and too little time as usual, but thanks for the info. I will check for leaks Get a crash course on emerald 'puter management. Then when my compression tester returns, look at the feedback from it. Meantime, make good use of the few sunny daze
  18. Ouch, I don't like the cylinder facing you, look like they will get in the way when resting your foot (@Tractor)
  19. Nah....First 10 minutes in the freezing cold morning was nice and quiet (except the burble of the exhausts). Then as the engine got warmer & warmer it gradually got worse with the backfiring, popping coming from the near side exhaust again. So still need to do a bit more investigating. I thought I heard the same exhaust phut, phuting a bit, like a slight air leak, but need to look at it in detail one night. But doesn't make logical sense, as metal expands and I would assume the hotter the exhaust got, then the better it would get (not the other way round).
  20. Dan, so for me its just a case to reroute the braided lines to the new locations where the cylinders will be? Considering all my cylinders and etc. are all located at top of engine bay area and working, I think I'll stick with Dave's set-up until it breaks and concentrate on the driving this summer Had a fantastic day & bonding session with the JAG2B yesterday driving over to our new warehouse in Leicester. Bloody freezing at 06:00 in the morning, but well worth the country lane drive home on the evening in the sunshine....
  21. Does that mean I have to drop an auto into the Jag 2B for more foot room
  22. Good luck dude, if your ever over this way, pop in. I will be looking at a floor mounted pedal box in the distant future (more for comfort and room for my flat feet). Which is more a luxury than a necessity as the top mounted one works perfectly fine.
  23. Plugs swapped and still getting same affect. Oil fine, but will re-check again tonight. valve seals first - unsure what you mean here - cylinder head valve seals...??? Was wondering if any of it could be an air leak somewhere, even thou I cannot hear it over the twin exhausts. Any tips on a quick and easy way for checking any air leaks?
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