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  1. Hi, I second the above advice keep away from gasless n try to get best set you can afford not a basic cheap DIY Kit, If you can get a second hand kit with a BINZEL type torch & 0.8mm or 1.0mm fittings you will find consumables easy to purchase. Do not go overboard with your wire reel as It lasts a long time n goes rusty if left unused. Try to get old of 1/2size gas bottle ARGOSHIELD (Argon/CO2 mix not as cold as CO2) is best. Carbon Dioxide CO2 can also be used for welding or pure ARGON for stainless or MIG Brazing. Also invest in a speedscreen Auto Darkening mask so you can see easier they are relatively cheap on Flea bay Hope this helps Harry
  2. Has anyone by any chance have at hand simplified wiring diagrams for ford sierra column switches for lights, horn, indicators & wipers wiring, struggling to sort with only partial harness so maybe easier to just wire from start Thanks
  3. Bit of a longshot but has anyone got the plugs that fit into the Indicator switch & the headlight/wiper switch on a sierra column switches Regards, Harry
  4. Hi John I have trouble typing on personal messages thought it was just my PC though cos its only certain letters, very frustrating though Regards Harry
  5. Pintogogo

    Garage Clearout

    Hi You don't b any chance have any sierra light/wiper/indictor plugs do you Cheers Harry
  6. Thanks for reply Alan, See you there Harry
  7. Is anyone meeting up tonight at the church mouse or will anyone be there next week?
  8. Pintogogo

    Sierra Plugs

    I'm after the plugs with tails that fit into the back of the Sierra indicator/horn switch and the Headlight/wiper switch on Sierra steering column, can anyone help??
  9. Thanks, hope to see you there Harry
  10. Hi I'm a New member to club, would love to met other owners, enthusiasts in area I bought a 2nd hand Robin hood which needs a bit of TLC which hopefully I can do on going and over the winter, if thee are any local meets could I come along? Regards Harry (Sunderland)
  11. Thanks for your help guys, It is much appreciated. It does have inboard front shocks but it had a badge on back with Sierra 7 on, I've looked at lots of pics n it looks like a 3A to me, I will try to see if there are any local meets in the North east n go along to try to get advice there as well . I am new to this n need to find out which model have as when my wife & me are in car it seems to hit the ground quite often n I think I will have to sort the rear springs out. Harry
  12. Hi I bought this robin hood with a 2.0L pinto fitted & I'm not sure as to which model it is, I think it is a 3A can anyone please help me identify it Regard's Harry
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