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  1. If you click the image it enlarges them. Torque figures aren't on there which is a shame. Dan I got a 3.38 LSD to fit at some point to help with the gearing and got good tyres a few months ago (Uniroyal rain sport 3) grip like crazy
  2. Posted the graphs in my last post. Think it was around 6k before it peaked
  3. Ye both went well small issue with exhaust leak left Dean down on power but a nice day fix for him. Both set ups are the same or than exhaust and exhaust manifolds
  4. Hi Derek me and jas are booked in Could we have 2 beef and 2 crumble please
  5. We are using the standard zetec fuel reg which has a vacuum line connected to it to adjust accordingly
  6. We will find out tomorrow hopefully, few tweaks to mine done today to compensate for the issues we had the other day so will soon see.
  7. Haha should be good for 88mph or at least best be. Just realised I posted on the old one lol
  8. All being well and weather permitting not only will I be there but I'll be in the new and improved zero
  9. I got a Dan st manifold and zx6r bike carbs set up for a 2L zetec and mega jolt for she of your interested?
  10. Will do just out at the min, what do you want photos of?
  11. for sale is a set of zx6r bike carbs jetted for 2L blacktop was running around 180bhp when they were on also have a danst inlet manifold to suit the carbs, will come with silicone connecting pieces as well pictures on request. also have a megajolt for sale also setup for 2L zetec looking for £499 for the lot only removed as gone turbo and fuel injection
  12. No worries mate, soon be starting it up!!
  13. Matt brown


    Sent you a pm
  14. Stu the problem is photobucket images in that thread
  15. Ah I get you didn't see that
  16. Shame that it's not got members section on there
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