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  1. Thanks guys, this is most helpful.
  2. For those who were interested I carried on the conversation with Spare part over messenger but this is the gist of it. do they work? Honestly not sure on that count, we don’t have any wet weather gear at the moment so have never been in the situation of having them steam up. Though we do get a good blast of hot air out of ours. I will be working on the car this weekend so I’ll make a note and get you a picture of our set up but I think they are around 2-3 inches away from the base of the window. You will see on our picture we have 4 demist vents but actually only two are connected (the o
  3. So my Exmo has finaly passed the IVA. I am alittle unsure of the next step. I need a number plate (obviously) but want an age related plate. The whole build was from one donor car, so, in theory I am eligible. What forms do I need to fill in? And is there a cost?
  4. Fail 6. All bolts under the car must have nylock nuts or split washers. We bought this car assembled and the guy that built it did not put any on. This seemed like a simple fix, but he had used steel bolts and after standing for twenty years were rusted solid. To stop them shaking loose we had to use a three foot bar on the socket to remove them, and in some cases had to grind them off. It seemed uterly pointless, but the regualtions must be followed. The retest is now in November 2020, so missed another summer. WE will let you know how we get on.
  5. Fail 5. Front indicators. Although we had fitted side indicators on the cycle wings they still insist that the front ones on the car can be seed from the side angle. WTF? When we bought the car they were already fitted to the butress, and othe Exmos I had seen were the same, so we missed this. He said he wanted them moved to the nose of the car. Club member Graham curtiss suppied us a pair freeof charge. See pic.
  6. Fail 4. The upper red coolant hose needed to be supported. See new bracket.
  7. Fail 3. Again seatbelt mounts. This time the centre floor brackets needed to be larger. We had made them two by four inches and he wanted at least six by four. Pic shows the new larger bracket fitted.
  8. Fail 2. Seat belt mounts. We had fitted a stengthening bar across the width of the car, under the top lip of the upper section of the boot. The four point seat belts were fixed to this. He wanted the bar to be attacched to the upper suspension brackets as well. We fabricated the brackets, here you can see one we made, and again fitted to car.
  9. So, as we feared the corana virus put a stop the the IVA centres checking out the cars. we had to wait until the end of June for the test. We took it to the Exeter center and our hearts sank as the inspector told us he had only ever passed one kit car first time , and that was someone who worked there and had seeked his advice all the way through the build. IT FAILED. Although he was very complimentary on the work we had done, and said the fail list was very short and we should be proud of what we had done so far, and he should be able to fit a retest in within a mounth.
  10. Thanks for that, I will have a look into it.
  11. I need to convert my water cooled choke on my 1984 2ltr pinto to a manual one. does anyone have an old kit kicking around their garage I could buy?
  12. Hi guys, just seen an interesting 'Hood' up for sale on Facebook. Had a close look at the pics and looks pretty good from what I can see, a decent project for someone. They are only asking £1,500. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1688383694671964/
  13. NickandNeil

    Kit fuel tank

    Yeah we had no problems with our original tank going through IVA, only thing the checked was the breather pipe and that it was secured with locking washers.
  14. If you drive the vehicle to the IVA test center, how does it work. You have no registration number. Do you need MOT first? How do you work the insurance with no road tax?
  15. Is it IVA nessasary to have a warning light on the dash to indicate whether it is charging or not? As I have a voltmeter on the dahboard.
  16. Anyone in south Devon / South Hams with a trailer i could borrow / hire for the 15th and 16th of September as my IVA test has finally come through?
  17. NickandNeil

    IVA Insurance

    Couple of questions before my IVA test next week. Do I need to get a garage to inspect it, if I am towing the vehicle on a trailer? Do I need to insure the Kit car?
  18. Jez, I have tested all the wires between the two switches , I cannot find one that loses the feed. This may be because on the early Sierra they had no reason for a not using a permanent live because fog lights were allowed on side lights.
  19. I could possbly take a live feed off the dip headlights feed, but should the Fog lights also work on main beam?
  20. Still having trouble finding the correct feed for my fog light. Acording to the IVA it now needs to lose a feed when on sidelights. I was told on a previous thread (which I cannot find) that I should take it from the black and white wire between the light switch and the dip switch. I have tested all the wire between both switch and none of them lose the feed when on sidelights. The wiring loom is off a sierra 1984. Any help would be much apprciated. Neil.
  21. Does anyone know the correct torque settings for a 1984, 1993 Pinto head. I have tried the net and had various options.
  22. It's nice to know I am not the only one that has done this. However, I seem to have damaged something as the engine will not turn over. Taking the head off today. I really did not want this as I am so close to the IVA.
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