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  1. Can the IVA application be done over the webb, or does it have to be done by post?
  2. Well we are nealy there again. Filling out the varius formes for the IVA I have come across a few queries that I hope members can help me with. I have emailed the DVSA but there has, so far been no rsponse. Form IVA1C. 4W. What are the origional design laden weights for the vehicle and the axel weights? The base vehicle was a ford sierra estate 1984. I do not have the origonal doner car so where can I get this information? 4X. does the vehicle have a ECWVTA or NSSTA certificate. ???????? 8,1. evidence of electrical safety. Does this apply to a petrol driven amature built
  3. Reading the IVA regs you now need to make sure that the fog lights cannot come back on after the ignition has been switched off. You can get a module to do it automatically from car builder solutions but it is only suitable for one light. We have two. Is there a wiring mod you can do or do you have to have two modules at £35 each?
  4. After talking to Nick, he thinks they could be fitted on the rear panel, What do you think?9 Have they got the E mark with the F for fog as the new rules stipulate? Neil
  5. Mine are fitted to the rear panel, so I'll pass on this thank you.
  6. Did that go through the IVA ok with just the trim?
  7. Does anyone have a heat shield for a silencer kicking around in their garage going spare?
  8. Reading the IVA spec, the rear fog lights are supposed to have an 'E or e' stamped on them. The ones on my Exmo were probably the originals, they look OK and work OK. Has anyone had issues with the IVA over them. Also the need to be vertical, are new lights that allow for this or is it just a matter of making wedges to keep the face vertical?
  9. I need to replace the fuel lines from the fuel tank to the pump on my Exmo. The previous owner hid them inside a green garden hose for protection and hid them under the side arm rests in the cockpit. Surely the IVA would not allow the fuel line inside the cockpit. As you know the Exmo has a monocoque chassis which is flat underneath, where are other owners routing theirs?
  10. Cheers Geordie! That's exactly what we were looking for but nearly £20 cheeper than what I found.
  11. it is one of the options we are considering, the tail pipe is no problem as you IVA aproved tail pipe extensions, the front edge of the silencer is the problem, and yes I will look into heatshields. thanks for the sugestion.
  12. Finally the interior has been upholstered, fitted bike wing mirrors, reinforced rear suss mounts and changed dampers at the rear to ford Capri ones. We have a probem with the silencer, there is a sharp edge at the front and the tail pipe needs a rounded edge. Looking for a tachometer, and temp gauge and we should be ready for the IVA. Now we are wondering if it can be tested this year with the backlog due to the Corona virus.
  13. The baffle in place. We have used marine ply. I hope the IVA are ok with that
  14. The radiator we moved before the butres but had to leave it at an angle. Again see pics. We fabricated a baffle to stop the air being directed over the top. It runs cool now so we are pleased with that.
  15. Sorry about the delay on this thread. When we realised there was no way to finish the car car in the summer of 19. Everything went on the back burner. Now spring is here we are keen again I'm ready to go in earnest, we fabricated a simple triangular plate to hide front of the rear suspension. See picture, it seems to have tidied it up.
  16. Is this the sort of thing your looking for? Pretty sure it doesn't work so you would have to use it as a doner part, but will do it very cheep if you want it?
  17. Hi Burney don't suppose your looking to sell that old one when you find a Smith's one?
  18. Advice please, will the wet weather gear for a 2B fit an Exmo?
  19. I am interested in the fuel filler cap, how much
  20. Is the locking fuel cap still available?
  21. Is the silencer and silencer tip still available?
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