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  1. Ive been in touch with burton and they have informed me that this is something thay don't stock and told me to contact sales@ignitionsolutions.co.uk I have spoken to ignition solutions and they have said The resistor is generally for stopping the radio interference & shouldn’t cause any problems in terms of the running of the engine.
  2. No i think its a balest resistor to help starting
  3. I dont know to be honest. Its on there and about to break so thought i should replace it
  4. Anyone know were i can get a new ford ignition coil resistor please
  5. Jon

    Sender unit

    Hi peeps Can anyone tell me what ohms the Sierra sender unit should read please.
  6. Jon

    Brake fluid tank

    All sorted now fixed the one i had
  7. Jon

    Brake fluid tank

    Still staying with the servo set up
  8. Jon

    Brake fluid tank

    Hi folks Im in need of a sierra brake fluid tank or at very least a cap
  9. Jon

    Floor Strengh

    Well I'd like to give my thanks to @maca for his help and guidance on strengthening my handbrake. Very much appreciated and such a knowledgeable man and with his guidance I'm sure my hood will get through the IVA when completed. Thanks again Maca and on to the next job.
  10. Jon

    Floor Strengh

    Hi all I no this is an old topic but has any got pics of the strengthened floor and seat belt mounting talked about. I myself are looking at the floor panel from GBS and cant see how it fits It doesn't look much for £144 plus postage. I'm tidying up poor workmanship of previous owner and I've started in the cockpit and around the seat harness fixing points so any pics people have of this and the floor strengthening would be great and very much appreciated. Things have changed quite a bit from what I see and read about the IVA test from when these cars first came on the market. I can see the floor being a problem though as very little of it . Before pic of the pillar and after pic near fishing.
  11. Jon

    Rivet rivet

    I found that one maca I was wondering what everyone is doing on top of the diff area is there a floor there or is just left open
  12. Jon

    Rivet rivet

    Hi Maca Yes Im set up ok here to strip. some of it Is ok but this floor I'm not happy with, I think I'll do as you say and drill them all out and put other way round which I'm sure i seen that's how it's done on the videos on YouTube. I'm also interested in what people have done in the boot area. I've not seen any coverage on this in any of the videos.
  13. Ok I'm just going over the car drawing up a list of where to start first on the rebuild and looking underneath and the previous owner surly went wrong here the rivets look ridiculous. This cant be right. Has anyone got pics of there underneath please or is it just a case of putting in shorter rivets
  14. Jon


    Thanks guys I've downloaded the IVA manual, following it is another story ha
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