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  1. The one i aquired is for sale now a 32/36 on manifold less the link arm but with cable bracket i only got it for the link Email if interested. Dan
  2. Thats the exact problem i,ve had 38dgas low down is s*#t i,ve ordered a bike carb manifold now and will rolling road it to set it up and see what power i can get Dan
  3. Hi, renewed my membership for 2009 online sunday, really good way of doing it maybe more people will join now its so easy Dan Elliott
  4. Hi, Of all the people out there who have converted pintos to run bike carbs, is there a massive difference? Has anyone been on a dyno and got real bhp figures? Do you lose or gain lowdown torque. Just wondering Dan
  5. hi, any chance i could take a second driver ? Dan Elliott SORTED
  6. The flat spot is what i,m trying to elimanate it hesatates as you accelarate then goes like stink Dan
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of a rolling road in the derbyshire nottinghamshire area, need to get my carbed 2.1 pinto set up properly. Dan
  8. Hi, just converted my 2.1 pinto from efi to 38dgas has anyone got any previous experiance of the carb, i was wondering what a good base setting would be for jets sizes etc Thanks Dan
  9. Hi, My breather comes out of the crankcase on inlet side of the engine splits in to 2 and joins on the manifold underneath on to 2 connections either side of the manifold Dan
  10. Hi, Can you put me down for a place Thanks Dan Elliott YOUR IN
  11. Thanks for checking what it was but i need the silver top thanks Dan
  12. I will dig them out and take a pic will be in the next day or 2 Cheers
  13. Hi which facet pump is it solid state or silver top ? Dan
  14. For sale universal seat runners came with some bucket seats but never used them £20 Dan
  15. For sale top and bottom front wishbones to fit 2b+ both sides never used not painted no bushes etc £40 Dan
  16. what is this argument about anti roll bars? being newish to the hoody world would be interested to know if there are improvements to be had. Dan
  17. For sale 2 x front indicators original fit on my 2b £10 + a postage SOLD
  18. Taken at barkstone 08 by someone i don,t know great pic thanks whoever you were Dan
  19. For sale 1 x lowered EFI pinto manifold it has been painted and looks like a profesional has done the work can take photo if required. I personal have never used it. £40 if collected or £50 Posted within uk NOW SOLD
  20. Guess what a hoody did sell 1 !
  21. speedtripledan

    Exhaust Wrap

    I did my 2b with 2.1 pinto in the summer and it really cooled things down under the bonnet well worth the effort. Had to take the engine out to get the manifold out of the car to wrap it. Got mine off Ebay it was the cheapest i could find Dan
  22. Hi, Having read there lotus 7 page on this meet , if i lived closer i,d go just to irritate them Dan
  23. Hi Just aquired one today thanks anyway. Dan
  24. Hi, Thanks for the offer i,ve just picked a set up from notts today.. Dan
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