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    Alternator Wiring

    On my Altenator the W connection is used to feed the automatic choke. It is first fed through a relay that is controlled by the ecu, then on to the heater coil in the choke body. By feeding it from the Altenator there is no chance of burning out the coil if you have the ignition on but the engine is not running. Nige
  2. When you measure the voltage at the starter motor, where are you puting the ground lead for the volt meter? Are you puting the ground wire against the engine/casing of the starter motor or the chasis? You either have a starter motor that is drawing a huge ammount of current (when hot) to cause the volts to drop to 6-7v or more likely you are getting some high resistance in the feed to the starter motor. As the battery is near as damn it connected directly to the starter motor you would expect to see the battery voltage drop to 6-7v if the starter motor was drawing a huge amount of current. More than likely you will see this is still around the 12v. So you either have a 5-6v drop between the Battery and the starter motor (this could be through the starter relay!). Or you have a 5-6v drop between the earth side of the starter and the battery negative terminal. Hence it depends on where you are placing the negative lead of the meter as to what you are measuring. Try measuring between battery negative and negative terminal of Starter. If you see 5-6v between these you have an earthing problem. Measure between battery positive and the starter positive. If you see 5-6v you have a high ressistance in the feed to the starter. Hope that helps Nige
  3. I've also used self amalgamating tape. Purchased from your friendly Screwfix guys. Nige
  4. nigelt

    Starter Button

    As my Sierra loom took a turn for the worst while sitting in my in-laws garage for a couple of years. i.e. all the labels rotted away. I had to start from scratch and so made my own loom. All that said I bought a starter push button off e-bay that lightsup blue with an LED. I wired the push button so you still have turn the ignition on with the key, but the button then operates the starter relay. The LED I wired in parallel with the ignition light, so with the ignition on the button lights up. When you then start the car the button goes out. Nige
  5. Sorry Femster, Seem to have missed this one. There are three connections to the switch, a common, NO and NC. I just used some smaller spade terminals to connect it up. Using the middle pin and one of the outer ones which should be Normaly Closed. I have mounted mine on the big triangular plate that fills in the gap just behind the battery on the passenger side. Similar to where it was on the Mondeo. I must admit I haven't used a relay. It is just inline with the pump. Might change that before I go for IVA. Let me know if a picture will help and I will try and get that sorted. Nige
  6. I got mine from the scrap yard. Took it off a mondeo. find it on the side wall of the passenger foot well. Nige
  7. Thanks for that Dave, I thought that might be the case. I will have to break out the welder. At the moment Florin I get a sort of "X". If I get the angles right then I should end up with something close to "||". I reckon on something like almost touching at the top and about an inch or to appart at the bottom, due ro the fact that the wiper blades are longer at the top than at the bottom. Thanks again guys Nige
  8. Hi Guys, I have been following the views on the site regards to using the Mini wiper motor etc and have fitted mine to meet in the middle. However, they more than meet in the middle, they cross over by an inch or two. I have shortend the arms etc and they park nicely at the bottom of the screen. The motor is marked up as 110 deg which is probably the reason for the crossover. My question is has anyone else had this issue and how did they get around it. Oh and if you ever need to replace the piping because its to long/short, 8mm copper gas pipe works a treat. Thanks Nige
  9. That's great... hadn't thought of bolting to the roll bar... Thanks again.
  10. Out of interest does anyone have any photos of how they have fitted the inertia seat belts to the 2B, as I was going to fit them because of wife, but could find the space? Thanks Nige
  11. nigelt

    Side Lights

    Ahaa... I will have a look at the sealed units tonight... hadn't spotted that blank bit at the back of the unit... Thanks guys
  12. nigelt

    Side Lights

    Hi Guys, Are front sidelights a requirement, as I can't seem to think where to put them on the 2B? can you get away with just dipped beam? Thanks Nige
  13. Hi Guys, Can I just clarify that with the wiring to the headlights, the dip beam goes off when you switch on the main beam? That seems to be my interpretation of the diagrams etc.. Thanks Nige
  14. Hi Guys, Anyone know what has happened to the RobinHoodEngineering website? Nige
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