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  1. After doing Le Man this year and knocking up 1200 miles in one trip, I have the confidence to travel further. 

    I rarely use the forum these days only the odd glance, might be worth popping on Facebook site.

  2. Derek, please accept my apologies I don't think I can attend this event.  We have 4 foster kids including two babies just arrived direct from hospital. Whilst I was looking forward to this event my life would over if I left the better half this weekend with 4 kids.

    Please let me know how much I owe you.


  3. I insure mine all year, but any of the insurers involve in kits will do 6 month policies or limited mileage policy. Currently with A plan but worth checking Footmam James and Adrian flux. 

  4. I did think about it, but opened the garage door and a washing machine was blocking the car.

    Same washing machine I should have fitted before Christmas (no I didn't buy it for the wife)! I would never hear the end of it if I went for a drive and not swap them over.

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  5. I'm here.

    I must been slightly confused when I saved the date in the calendar. I must have entered the Christmas meal 1800 to 2200 to stop my PA arranging other meetings. My logic, it would take 1hr 30 mins drive time, but today in a rush thought I needed to be hear at 1800 so left work at 1630!

    😂 Going mad....

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