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  1. I did think about it, but opened the garage door and a washing machine was blocking the car.

    Same washing machine I should have fitted before Christmas (no I didn't buy it for the wife)! I would never hear the end of it if I went for a drive and not swap them over.

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  2. I'm here.

    I must been slightly confused when I saved the date in the calendar. I must have entered the Christmas meal 1800 to 2200 to stop my PA arranging other meetings. My logic, it would take 1hr 30 mins drive time, but today in a rush thought I needed to be hear at 1800 so left work at 1630!

    😂 Going mad....

  3. On 8/14/2021 at 6:44 AM, apgodden said:

    Mark,  Richie told me about your trailer tent break down.  I have a car trailer at Belvoir camp site.  Do you still need help...... 



    Thanks for the offer, someone from the Staffordshire club picked me up. Just a bad evening recovery firms were quoting 6 hour plus delays.

    Thank you

  4. Plan a failed - kit car misfire

    Plan b failed - can't find tow hitch for tin top

    Plan b back on. *bleep* trailer lights not working

    Plan c - can't be bothered to fix lights and wait u til it's dark.

    That's it, going to make the most of the day light dragging the trailer tent with or without lights see you in a few hours.

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