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  1. Sorry Gents, been away for a few days so could not respond. Thanks for the info, looks like Side deflectors with a half door seems to be a good option along with a large deflector. Cheers Pete
  2. Hi all, I am thinking of fitting windscreen side wind deflectors to my car but want to get your opinion on there effectiveness. How much will they reduce buffeting in comparison to say fitting side doors. Cheers Pete
  3. Cheers Gents, Plenty of things to try this weekend.
  4. Might be wheel bearing but I fitted new ones 300 miles ago. I am assuming it is rear brakes as it is affected by me pulling up the handbrake. Cheers Pete
  5. Thanks both. Unfortunately I have both cleaned the drums up and put a leading edge on the shoes.
  6. Gent's, a little advice please. I am having real issues with a very loud Squeak for the drum breaks on the rear of my Zero. I have had them apart and put copper grease in all the right places, give them a good rough up and cleaned the dust out Etc. I have also put a leading edge on the Shoes. Is there anything more I can do? I am wondering if it is the shoes them selves that is the problem maybe very hard material Etc, do any of your gents have a make that you use and recommend? The car has done just over 300 miles since I got it passed the IVA and got it on the road. Cheers Pete
  7. Pete Mar

    Passed Today!

    Top job and just in time for the good weather!
  8. Cheers for the feedback gents. Given me a few more bits to look at. Pete
  9. I have the pressure switch and the lights are not stuck on so I guess that means it is not pressure in the system. I am going to have to take a real close look at the calipers and the pads I guess,all seemed to be inline though. Cheers Pete
  10. Hi Ian, Not sure on the master cyclinder piston, I will take a look later tonight, I did take the calipers off and they seemed fine. I did push them out and give them a little wipe over with copper grease just to be sure though. Cheers Pete
  11. Morning all, Managed to get the old girl out for her first proper outing at the weekend and I noticed that the breaks seem to be binding front and rear to the point that they will hold the car on a slight hill, this seems to get worce when warm. I have drum rear breaks and the fronts are 4 pot Wilwood callipers on unvented discs, all brand new. I have tried the following: 1. Adjusting the break peddle so that there is plenty of space between the peddle stop and the rod bushing the piston in the master cylinder so this is not putting pressure on the system. 2.I have adjusted the rears to make sure these are not tying up on the auto adjusters. 3.I have also measured the callipers to make sure they are centred on the disc and they are The breaks work fine and pull the car up very well, just seem to have these binding issues. Anyone come across this before? Cheer Pete
  12. Pete Mar

    Injection Wiring

    Are you using the standard ECU or an after market unit?
  13. My break cyclinder are on the front of the back plate and not on the top. It was impossible for me to line up the back plate with the wholes in the hub carrier when the back plate had the cyclinders at the top. I guess if you put the carriers on the other side you will en dup with the cycinders at the back but I saw no advantage to that. My car drives and stops well and past the IVA last month. I'd be interested if anyone has found a way to fit t he back plate in the normal way. I guess you could drill new holes. Pete
  14. I used alcantara on my dash and centre console. Picked it up on a stand at Stoneleigh.
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