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Found 8 results

  1. Hello It might be a long shot but I am after a manifold for my Robin Hood which has a 2.0l Pinto. At the moment I have an original Sierra manifold but I would prefer one of the Robin Hood Engineering ones. Has anyone got one that they don't want anymore? Thanks Graeme
  2. Hi This may be a stupid question , but i have a 2.0 pinto in my s7 and the Exhaust manifold need to be replaced. The original was a 4.2.1 but in error i now have a 4.1 but it wont fit. would I be better expanding the hole to make the 4.1 fit , or purchase a 4.2.1 any advice welcome Thanks Joe
  3. Hi, Pretty new to the forum and I am sure I will have lots of questions. But rebuilding an 80% complete 2b, just changed the pinto manifold and 2 tube standard exhaust for a stainless 4-1. Yes it was a pig to fit and with the engine in place! But its in and looking shiny. I know i need to move the steering shaft and have researched a little on here. But does anyone have pics where they can show their solution?
  4. Guest

    Bits And Bobs Wanted

    Hi, I am looking for , cycle wing brackets exhaust downpipe for pinto Rad david
  5. After taking off my heat shield it looks like mine is blowing at the join. When I was a 'young lad' the solution was an empty can of baked beans and loads of 'Gun Gum' Has there been any change in the intervening years ? I have some 'Black Bob' following a recent recommendation, would that be suitable ? Al
  6. Guest

    Pinto Engine And Other Parts

    Well,it looks like I have just bought a woman I don't like a house again so now need to sell some of the spare parts I have left over when changing the engine in my Zero from pinto to Zetec. So the following is for sale and I'll give it a week on here and then it's on eBay, gum tree etc. As ever the small stuff I can post out at the best price I can get but the engine will need to be collected from Bucks (hp9) or Herts (wd6). So 2ltr pinto engine 205 block. Shortened steel sump with extra capacity so the sump is the same height as the gearbox. Gates cambelt with blue adjustable cam sprocket. Magnum 285 camshaft. Standard flywheel with pinto/type 9 clutch Low level cam cover with shorten oil cap. The engine come without inlet or exhaust manifolds and with out the distributor in the pictures (see other items) The engine could do with a complete rebuild and a new oil pump but I will include a new high capacity high pressure oil pump and I sure I have a set of bearing shell in the garage and will include these if I find them. Pictures to follow if I can upload them or I can email some to you if you pm me your email address. £300 and its yours Also... Electronic dissy for the pinto, complete plug and play unit including distributor with cap and leads, Ignition amp and coil mounted on an alloy plate with a bespoke wiring loom with all connectors. All you will need to do is connect the +ve and -ve and away you go. Pm your email address and I send some pictures. £100 to include postage to mainland postcodes. Also... Stainless steel pinto exhaust manifold from GBS. Made to fit my zero as a over the top type and connects to the standard RH box. Used for 2 years on my zero and in good condition. PM your email and I send pics. £100 to include postage to uk mainland ( SOLD) Also.... Pinto engine mounting to fit the zero including the rubber mounts painted in faster than dan blue PM your email and ill send pics. £40 includes postage to uk mainland Also..... GBS bike carbs on pinto manifold, I had these on the car for about a year and it made a great improvement. Bought from GBS with manifold and rubbers and air filter with back plate. PM your email and I send pics. £175 includes postage to UK mainland. .....SOLD.... Also.... Weber card on a pinto manifold. 32/36 I think with linkage I used this for sva. PM your email and I send pics £75 includes postage to UK mainland Well that's it for now, more to follow.. Marcus
  7. Hi All, I currenlty have my old stainess steel exhaust for sale on ebay. Happy to provide a 10% discount for any RHOCAR members GBS Robin Hood Zero Exhaust Manifold and Silencer Stainless Steel exhaust manifold and silencer for GBS Robin Hood Zero. Manifold suitable for Zetec Blacktop and Silver top engines. Manifold supplied by GBS (£175+vat new) and 5 inch exhaust Silence includes sports cat £550+vat new). This was made by custom chrome. Used to get car through IVA and used for around 180 miles. I have since replaced for a decat. The silencer and manifold are currently braised together but could be split with a bit of heat if required. May fit other lotus 7 style cars, but please check before you purchase. Viewing welcome by arrangement. We are in Dorking Surrey. PayPal or cash on collection only. Link to ebay can be found here: GBS Robin Hood Zero Exhaust Manifold and Silencer Ford Zetec Also have a few other items for sale: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/ethanicus/m.html?item=121007623672&ViewItem=&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jon
  8. The kit car has left the home garage for the first time and is now in John Ashley's Exhaust (JAEX) in Birmingham. Very knowledgeable and experts in exhaust systems. They are building a complete bespoke manifold and system in stainless, visited yesterday to see progress. Have a look at the manifold, apologies for the picture quality taken on phone I am happy with the results so far. The manifold goes through the side panel rather than over it (personal preference).
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