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Dashboard, Non Sierra Ideas?

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This is my dash which is made from standard hardboard. Its covered with 1/2 inch of foam then vinyl. It uses the standard seirra clocks and also the heater fan switch. Costs hardly anything as hardboard is cheap and the vinyl is only $5 a metre. Ive used fixings on the back so you cannot see any screw heads etc from the front. hth



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Also speak to Richard at GBS. I know they were making black moulded dash panels for the 2b just before their factory move. One was suited to the 2'' dials, and he was looking a selling those too. :rolleyes:

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Hi pablo


I wouldn't mind seeing where you have put the speedo sensor for the Vapor dash.


Also, how have you wired up the tacho - direct to coil or wire wound around plug lead?


Thanks :)

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daniel how did yoy make the bezzle work

it appears nicely rounded, but ther one i have is pasrt of the mainm dash and ant rounded off

i mean on the edges by the way.

looks good and should pass sva.

regards graham

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Hi Graham,

I have no pictures of how it was made and it passed sva no problem. The lower dash had another two layers of ply glued behind the bottom edge and then shaped and rounded off before I coverd it in the foam and leathercloth.

The clock surround was made using ply cut to the shape of the capri clock bezel and the holes cut using a fret saw and then sanded the edges.


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And another....


I think the dash and interior in general is the biggest thing that lets Robin Hoods down compared to some of the other 7-style brands out there, and if done badly can make the cars look shabby and cheap (and I'm not saying mine is perfect!). I've noticed a steady improvement in quality over the past 5 or 6 years though, and as the pictures in this topic prove, there's some fantastic examples about now. B)


Definitely an area to take your time with if you want to get it right.

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What glue do people use to attach the leatherette to the foam and the foam to the ply wood?


Any good contact adhesive spray (on both surfaces) will do the trick. Though you might want to also use staples on the back of the wood.

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Glue the foam to the wood with Evostick. Don't use any glue between the foam and vinyl on the face. Only use evo and/or staples on the back of the dash. You can then tension the vinyl more easily across the visible face of the dash and get rid of any folds/puckers/wrinkles by unpicking the back and adding or reducing the tension.



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