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Hello John,


Don't want to look like a showoff, but arn't your back wheels on the wrong sides! I thought that the 'arrows' were supposed to point forwards (look at the red tractor).


Don't ask me how I know, (but mine were the same way on as yours, until some smart alec told me!)



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Hi John, do you go backwards a lot ? if not your tyres are on the wrong way around , picture of my old Super Dexter




learnt to drive on one of them, aged 10, then moved up to Fordson Major,





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Just seen the new VW advert...cant remember which car tho'


But the front tyres are on the wrong way round too!!!


Even "experts" can get it wrong. :D


On a road car the point of the V is at the back where the tyre touches the road, so that the water gets squirted out the side of the tyre while the tyre squashes it forward like a bow wave.


Dunno what happens on mud tho'.....what do the tractor pulling boys do?


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