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Stafford Kit Car Show

Guest daveclement

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Guest Ian & Carole

Just ignor the show hall :closedeyes:


Great weekend............thanks to all who held poles, carried gazebos, knocked pegs in, boiled water, etc etc. :clapping: :clapping: made Carole & my weekend easier.


Nice to meet the "Zeroboys" comming to the shows and bringing new blood(and humour).


The "meeting & greeting" area seems to be a good addition to the field, tea and coffee went down well again.


I just hope that you are all as helpfull to my replacement who ever that might be.


Once again thanks.

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Guest jetskijase

hi All


well i had a great wkend in the end!


yes the hall was a little disappointing and you would think on his (den) third attempt he would have sussed out the format of the show and how to do the show justice, but he hasnt... changing his mind as he gos along isnt helping matters really.


It is a shame because it has the makings of a great little show in the central regions which makes it easyish for everyone to get to.

If you didnt want to pay the £10 entry then fair enough, but if your on the road you still couldhave come along to what was the best part of the show and that was the rhocar stand outside!!!


I dont agree with this attitude of "screw den tanner and hope the show folds" what use is it if another show ceases to exist???????????????????

we lost stafford for a few years and harrogate which where 2 great social (and could be great show halls) shows to go to.


We should be telling/advising tanner the best way forward to get us hoodies on side to support the show so that it gets to a mini stonleigh status!!


I'am not a great fan of den tanner and is crew, his magazine annoys the hell out of me!!!!! :aggressive: :aggressive: repeat after repeat of articles!!grrrrrr!!! but if he's the only one whos going to try and keep stafford going then so be it.



Free for kit car drivers, £5 night camping. see what happens!!


right off soap bix now!!


cheers all


ps ( thanks to all the great comments about my car, made all the late nights and swearing worth it!! :friends:

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Guest chris brown

I'm with Ian on this it's a bonus if the show is good but the main reason to going is it makes a great "hoody" weekend so please don’t be so negative. Sling the tent and some beer in the car and come along. It's a free camping weekend with lots of like minded people I for one had a great weekend and if the show is on next year I will be there again.

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Guest jetskijase

I tried after the first show 2 years ago to help propose a way forward and ipmprove the show but everything I offered as an idea or sugestion was ignored or countered with "that costs too much"


I then tried the year after when it started at "£25" for the camping and made some more constructive sugestions

that were duly treated with silence.


Basically the feeling I got was Den just isn't willing to listen to the people that help make the show, onlt the £££ matter, and without the cars there's no public and no trade sales. Its such a shame he wont listen to people.


I tried really hard as it could have been a great show, but now I just enjoy the social side of the show, what a weekend! my sides still hurt from laughing so much.



Fair play mate, lets hope mr tanner sees some sense at some point!!!!

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Me and will had great time stayed sat night , i got in free on both days so cant grumble about charge to get in , i put my car inside on sunday like den tanner told us to , it was in about 30 mins , he then told me to take it back outside and gave me a free ticket , but left the car in anyway and walked out of front door ,got hand stamped still had free ticket , which i left on club stand for somebody else to use , i then got my dad in for free through back door , where my car was , so he decided to spend money on raffle and won the tyres , a road atlas , and two bottles of aftershave, jammy sod . thanks to the usual for looking after me and will see you all at next years shows. justin

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As per most others here, we had a great social time, but the show inside was poor, so much so that we had to put four cars on display to fill a huge gap in the corner of the hall.

All you guys and girls that turned out made the field outside look presentable too, without our 54 cars on Saturday and 30+ on Sunday there wouldn't have been much for the public to look at, so well done.

As usual a big thanks to Ian and Carole for pulling it all together, for those who don't know Ian is stepping down as events sec, we may have a potential replacement, but many hand make light work of all the fetching and carrying.

Special thanks to Andi for organising a great raffle, to everybody who donated prizes and to the RHOCaR male voice choir for Saturday nights entertainment, as well as helping Andi with his raffle.


General concensus around other forums is that the show was poor and a rip off and will not survive, and I think we need to start bashing DT's ear about thing s to do to improve the show, he's got a year to turn it around and make it work - more exhibitors, get rid of Nigel Dean at the door menacing people going in, work with the clubs, signage on the roads from the motorway, organise the fields outside into club areas, and come up with a reasonable pricing policy.


Speaking of pricing - get saving up for Stoneleigh, kit drivers free, passengers and tin top drivers £15, under 16's free, camping kit drivers £5, passengers £15, tin toppers £30 per adult, under 16's free - See Here

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Not being a very social animal, until my car is IVA'ed i only go for the bits and bobs and having driven a round trip of 240 miles I was even more disappointed with the Stafford show than I was with Detling. I'm afraid the only one for me next year will be Stoneleigh. I suppose the ten pound entry fee and £30 in LPG may be offset against the postage cost for the bits I bought but I was so unimpressed when I got homne I had to have a beer!

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Guest Matt_wood


Speaking of pricing - get saving up for Stoneleigh, kit drivers free, passengers and tin top drivers £15, under 16's free, camping kit drivers £5, passengers £15, tin toppers £30 per adult, under 16's free - See Here


It isnt as bad at that makes it sound on that link looks like the camping price includes the cost of entry into the show so camping would be £5 for kit car including show entry £30 for tintops

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i to did the 200 mile round trip to stafford ,

i went 2 years ago and i thought this could be a great litle show .

i didnt go last year ,for personel reasons .

this year the social side was brill ,

the show was crap . not enough exibitors , and £10 per day as origonaly advertised was going to put off no end of people , as it was with some wrangling the second day if you had camped over was free .

on the morning of the second day den came over to the rhocar camp area and said if we wanted to put our cars inside the ajoining building we could , initally seemed like a good idea . however the more you thought about it the more it appeared to be a way of getting people into the show . and spending a tenner .

mayby we shoud rename him den tenner !

most didnt !

to look at it from the other side . the show ground cost a lot to rent for the weekend

the exibitors are under strain as we all are at the mo to pay to exibit .

he has to make it pay , otherwise there will be no show next time .

he has to come up with a structure , to allow the exibiters to make money , and also fill the hall , i would like to see an auto jumble also . but not keep the public out by charging so much money to get in .

if there were no cars on the field outside i dont think the public would have attended at all .

many just looked at the cars outside and went home .

den i hope you read this , the admission was tooooo expensive .

the show was in turn poorly attended.


we know you take the risk of organising the show with your money .

but make it better make it cheaper . put more exibitors in the hall .

and you will get better attendance , but you cant charge a tenner a day , not in this economic climate




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As you may or may not know we didn't go. We being my missus and I who were looking forward to our first social event with Rhocar. I'm afraid, as I have said before on here, anything I have read about Den Tanner suggests he is an arrogant individual who always thinks he is right and this seems to be clearly illustrated by the response to his show. It is a shame he appears to think that everyone else's opinion counts for nothing. It is also a shame that he seems to want to make up the entrance/camping/hall fees as he goes along. I guess that is what annoyed me as much as anything, the fact that a show on this scale must take a huge amount of organisation and if I were in charge of it on day one I would want to know what it was going to cost me and set up a plan on how I would recoup my outlay and enter into profit. Simple business decision. Therefore to keep the very people who pay the money IN waiting is remarkably bad practice and he only has himself to blame if the event has left him out of pocket. In my opinion he could redeem himself by simply saying, 'OK, I got it wrong, tell me how we can improve next year.'


Somehow I feel this will never happen and the Stafford show will become a thing of the past as a result.

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stuart you may be right that the show will become a thing of the past .

but that will be a shame . den tanner is running a buisness , as such he needs to turn at least a small profit .

i think we all accept that . we all accept and poss den that the show was a disaster .

if he runs it next year he needs to learn some lessons and change things .

but if he dosnt put his money down to rent the show ground and try to put on the show there will prob be no show at all .i am not defending the show or the promotor in any way , but if someone puts up the cash to run this sort of thing there must be a profit in it to make it worth while doing it .

the rights and wrongs have been discused .

it needs inprovement to survive .



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"but if someone puts up the cash to run this sort of thing there must be a profit in it to make it worth while doing it ."



How much in the club coffers? :rolleyes:




I am SURE that with the amount of common sense being spoken here after the Stafford Show and with the knowledge from possibly?! one of the best supported Owner's Forums on the kit car scene Rhocar could present a well organised great show. The down side is I would imagine the amount of backing needed would sadly make this impossible.


Wouldn't it be great though, to see the

Rhocar Stafford Kit Car Show 2011


Mind you, would other owners jealous of our superb cars be so fed up they would boycott it??!!!


Hmmm, sometimes you just cant win!!!!

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