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Zero Pass

Guest gdc

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cheers guys for the thoughts ,

reason gbs had to iva was because i have entered too many cars for test , their words .

me classed as a pro builder , but i ant i am a plumber . but because my name has appeared on forms for several svas

i cant do any more at the mo .its a weird world . re the retest , a couple of issues

the front indicators were to low , so we lifted the car on its springs ,5mm .

the main gripe was with the bucket seats in that the side part of the seat belt could not be altered whilst in the car ,.as the seats had hard sides .

so we changed the seats,

the fuel filler i have has a key and can be manually fixed to the car withought the key as well this needs a tether .

the head lights , even with proper e marks for this country would not produce the required patten ,noise i was 2 db too loud .

so a few things .

i am happy to bring it to stonleigh on the trailer as the bank holidays have mucked up any chance of driving it

and dvla work as they work , to rule .

steve thanks for the offer of the valuation ,

lee thanks for the offer of acomodation .

gbs again thanks for the assistance .


see you there

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Guest David Walton

Well done, its a great feeling after all the hard work.

Mine passed this week as you know. DVLA on Tuesday and hopefully Stoneleigh by road.


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well done david i hope to see you there , i may drive it i may tow it either way it will be there .

re the test generally , i think we need to appreciate that we are allowed kits in this country

many countries have banned them or made it almost imposible to regester them as stewart in spain

has found .the rules for test have been set to test the car , to achieve something close to a standard factory built car , but withought the mandatory seat belt tug test and the crash test , so vosa appeare to accept that

kits have a place here . the rest of europe ie the eec in brussels ,dont want kits as they dont conforme to their standards,ie paperwork . vosa appear to have worked a way of us still building kits inspite of the eec ,

so realy we should applaud them .



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Guest oddsocks

Well done graham! Look forward to seein it in the flesh but i wont b at stoneleigh this yr so maybe the next show. Did you take it to the test or gbs? Did you get gbs to look over it for you? Do they do all the paper work for you-thinking of taking mine up there when its ready but got to get it up there first!(when i finished building it) Do they register it for you or is it reg in their name so your the second owner? Not bad on the first test really-not all of us r like nick!!! :friends: lol



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hi jamie

re the test , as said earlier i cant do them so i had no choice , you should do your own .

poss the perception will be that as a builder not the factory you might get an easier ride .

as the factory should know better , thats why the cost is lower ,but the build needs to be to a standard

to pass , so dont do silly things .talk to gbs and get their advice .i wish you all the best .

i have another zero in the wings , with a full roll cage , to be finished .



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just to add to my list of things to do before stonleigh , the van with the tow bar has developed a strange noise on the front end , noisy when on over run and over bumps , my thoughts were cv joint of diff , so a bit of a panic now as the paperwork poss wont be back in time from nottingham for the zero , but worse the van might be out of action also , so no trailer .2 bank holidays and a sunday inbetween , not happy .



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Graham if you can not get van fixed what about fitting tow Bar on to Dans van.


I could do 2 Runs to stoneligh one with my shed then come back and get your trailer/filled with car and camping gear/ whiskey etc.


I have had tin top prob changed the cam belt and alt belt, then alt belt came off as the idler /trencher came loose called the AA Could not get the parts, so towed me home on their dolly brushed the underside of the car loading on. Got Home had phoned my parts place and collected the bits ready to fix drove car in to drive Oil pissing everywhere. AA had damaged the oil cooler pipe. Fitted new belt and pully, left dripping oil over night phoned the AA customer service Thurs not impressed at all, make a clam in writing, not we will send someone to fix it.

Parts only from alfa.

Told that they rust so need to fit a complete new oil cooler and both hose, £380 from Alfa independent. Had to remove the wheel arch line then the front bumper to get access to cooler right pain as had to cut rusted bolts /screws off. All now sorted with fresh new oil as well.


And it was stuck on the drive driping so could not get the Hood out.



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hi stephen thanks for the offer of help , the tow bar on dads van is a poss ,

sorry your having probs , you might want to talk to dinger , re rac membership .



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