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Rover T Series Sump

Al Milton

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Anyone with the Rover engined SuperSpec knows how low the oil sump sits.


Yesterday, changed mine to the alloy sump from the Rover 420, also had to fit the pick up pipe from the 420 as well, straightforward swap.


The sump now is a lot shallower, but still has the same oil capacity (4.5 litres).


Note for file though, alloy sump is up to 7mm thick in places, don't forget that you'll need new sump bolts to suit the sump! :rolleyes:


Oh, and make sure you get the correct size (M6 20mm at least) - :fool: :fool: :fool: :fool:


Hopefully the pics show the difference.


Top pic is new sump, bottom pic is old sump (which i'll get shortened just in case).


Big thanks to Phil for the help :good: :good:


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Guest bill brown

hi,thanks for the good sump info mate.i,ve a super spec.clutch is very stiff...new cable still same.have you had any over heating probs?gasket change?i have had to put another vent in the bonnet,wrap the exhaust.which sorted it...but,every one saysthe head gasket is not up to it...i,ve read theres a new gasket that does the job..i,m new to the kitcar scene,so i,m after all the info i can on super specs.i,m a landscaper not a mechanic..thanks again ..billy.

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Hi Billy,


The clutch is a well posted cause for concern on the SuperSpec (which was manufactured by Robin Hood Engineering, not Great British Sportscars).

It appears that there is a potential 'mis-alignment' problem with the input shaft/release bearing and clutch fork arrangement caused by the mating the Ford gearbox to the Rover engine.


There are plenty of posts on this issue, just do a search. Some members have had this problem and some haven't - so it is a case of pot luck as to whether you are one of the 'unlucky' ones, but there are a few posts on remedies for this problem.


As for the overheating, can't vouch as my car is still a work in progress!

There is a post somewhere as well for the cooling circuit showing how it should be done, or you could simply have an air lock in the system, quick search will find the goods.

If you join the club (£15, you'll be able to view pictures of the posted cooling and gearbox remedies).


Haven't heard anything about the head gasket on the Rover T series, but the K series was prone for the gasket to fail around 60,000 miles, (the one on the wifes car went at just over 59,500!).



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Please excuse my ignorance, and blowing the embers of this old thread, but, what did you do about your oil filter? Mine is fitted just in front of the sump and is lower than the sump?




Fit a shorter one - look here http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=33269&hl=



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Hi Matthew

I'm the member who replied to your message on Facebook about the clutch cable on your machine and I asked you if it was a Superspec but so far you haven't answered so I am none the wiser.    Howerver, regardless of the model we have a huge amount of information about the Rover T16 that will probably answer any question you have.   So please download the package of information at http://www.rmrsoft.com/Rover.zip and read it through.

As to this specific question, there are none around that I am aware of, mainly because the design of the Superspec means the car runs very low and sumps have a very short life.   Personally I am on my second sump and even that has had to be welded twice.   So like most owners I have fitted a heavy duty steel sump guard.  It reduced your ground clearance slightly but will take a lot more punishment.

Also there are 2 different types of sump depending on which model of Rover your engine was destined to be fitted.   Some models used a steel sump and some used an alloy sump.   Test it with a magnet to see which you have.

Your first port of call for any spare parts for the engine is Rimmer Bros (https://rimmerbros.com/) who bought up all the spare parts when Rover folded.   Unfortunately for you the advertise the sump as 'not currently available'.    So your only chance if yours is not repairable is a scrap yard, although scrap Rovers are becoming very rare now.

You could also try the RoverMG forum at https://www.mg-rover.org/forums/ and see if get any joy there, although I am not confident.

Anyway download that package and come back to me if you need any more information.

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