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What Have I Bought Now?

kevin the chicken

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Been looking at kit cars for a while now so when I saw this one at I good price I snapped it up. All I knew was that it was a Robin Hood! The body/Chassis seems to be all stainless steel and the donor seems to be sierra as the build manual was included along with about 10 grands worth of garage bills! Vauxhall Red Top was a good selling point too.Not on the road currently due to sticking brakes and fuel issues along with a few other things. I itend to run it for a while tidying as I go and then get it repainted but I would like to know what it model it is. If it helps it was first registered in 1996 and bears the chassis number RHE 666. Anybody got any ideas?



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Guest arf!!

google photobucket singe up for a free account upload your picture to photobucket, then hover over the pic you want to appear on here scroll down the list of links for said picture and chose the IMG code right click select copy come back on here right click and select paste your done, hit submit

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