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What Have I Bought Now?

kevin the chicken

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It has independant suspension, presumably sierra. Should know really as I've been lying underneath it all morning. Been trying to tidy up the wiring and replace the fuel pipes so that it is farther away from the manifold. It has a really nasty piece of rusty steel over the manifold I guess to protect the bonnet from heat which gets in the way all the time. I need to replace this with something more pleasing to the eye or wrap the manifold if this is effective enough. If yours is chassis 665 and mine is 666 does this mean they are both S7 or does it not work that way?

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Chassis numbers are made up generally so mean nothing in relation to type and age.

The way to tell with Monocoque chassis is usually front suspension, NW Hoodies web site has photos of all Robin Hoods

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Guest Arty Knight

hi guys after reading all this can i join in .as i to baught a robin hood and havent got a clue wich one it is and may be you might have an idea.my front suspension at the front is of the wishbone type top and bottem looking tubular in shape ,it is fitted with a 2.0lte pinto 205 block and no power steering .i will put sum picks on soon i do know it has a cortina back axel.check out the hole cut in the bonet this was a fitment when i baught the car .


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