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Help Needed Still No Power


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I would check your fuel lines first, to make sure you at least have fuel getting through,


i had this and it was a non wented fuel cap that caused it.


Fuel line rubber pipes perishing and collapsing can do the same and preventing fuel getting through.



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always a first check is have you got a spark at the plugs, pull a plug out put the lead on it and hold it to an earth get a freind to crank the engine over while you check for a good blue spark, a yellow-ish spark points to a bad condensor, ? is it a pinto on standard electrics

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my moneys on fuelling


i'd check/replace the filters first, theyre only cheap so a good place to start.


i've known the metal pipe part on the sender be totally block full of cr@p before too, so might be worth take it out and seeing if there is any debris in there.


does your tank have a breather?


are you using the standard mechicanical pinto pump?

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