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Robin Hood Exmo ; Iva Test?!

Guest Chris Russ

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Guest Chris Russ

Hi Guys!

Well, today was judgement day, & after braving the snow, I got my Exmo to Norwich for its' IVA test! ......So, there's good news & bad news!!!

The good news is,- it didnt fail on body construction ( here endeth the monocoque construction debate!! ) or fail on anything else major,... even my seat belt bracing & fitment passed!

Now the bad news, - the Exmo failed on 8 relatively minor points, one in particular will take a bit of thinking about ( cosmetically more than anything?! )....some of the failures, maybe I should have picked up on, but here's the list - might help other builders?!! ;-


* The Exmos' gull-wing front wings are no longer compliant! - need to fit the cycle-wing type, as the IVA spec states that the tyres need to be covered ( 30 degrees from centre, forward over the tyre, & 50 degrees backwards over the tyre)

- the question is, can I get cycle-wings thin enough, but still compliant, to be able to leave the gull-wings on as well,- so as not to spoil ( in my opinion! ) the look of the car?!


* The front brake flexi hoses need a protective cover over them ( like the 'spring' protector on some later Ford ones!)


* A DOT 4 brake fluid warning sticker required on the master-cylinder resovoir.


* The air intake for the heater/demister points into the passenger footwell, - the grill is a little sharp & requires modification.


* Here's an interesting one - a Manufactures VIN plate required ( even though they rivet on?! ).....Also the stamped chassis number needs to be on the right ( offside ) NOT the left ( nearside )- where I put mine!


* Cover trim required over the nose vents ( even though the sharp edges are inside the nose! )


* Battery terminals require insulated covers ( because of the stainless steel bonnet ).


* I should have spotted this one;- Fog lamps should ONLY work with headlamps ( not sidelights as well! )..,also no E mark on the lenses - so new lenses required!


.........Well it could have been much worse, so reasonably happy! - can anybody clearify the re-test fee please? ....it would appear that there is NO fee if the car is returned to the same test station within 5 days ( can't see me getting it back that quick! ), so have I got 6 months, & if so, how much??


--- One other point did come up today, & may be worth noting ;- My Exmo is a 1996 kit & pressumably the windscreen came with it ; After April 2013, the BS 85712 kite-mark on the windscreen will NO LONGER be compliant!


Many Thanks to everyone for your help & input so far!



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Chris, well done! It sounds like a bit of tinkering and you'll have the exmo through iva!!! Really good news & it's good to hear that an exmo is capable of passing iva!


And you've put a few old arguments to bed as well!


Regards your gull wings....have you thought of removing them and fitting cycle wings? Then just refitting the gull wings after iva? My exmo has cycle wings which turn with the wheels so just let me know if you want some photos.




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I was wondering how you got on

Not a big list

GBS do indeed make a VIN plate

I've got one on my car

All points doable

Cycle wings will take a bit of lateral thinking but I know its been done

Brake flexis, Russ Bost does them or some hose split and tied on

CBS do a brake fluid sticker

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Guest lewthepoo

Fantastic. Time to book a week off & finish mine. Only had it for 10 years.


Chris can I ask what you have done for the seat mountings under the car? I.e. strip of angle going accross the bottom? I struggled with this due to where the bolts come through in relation to the sub frame.

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Guest Chris Russ

Hi There; I must admit the position of the subframe/suspension is a pain, but I found an easy way round this ;- I used 'L7' fixed back seats, & because im 6'4, decided I wouldn't use seat runners so the seats could be positioned as far back as possible, & as low as possible. - The L7 seats have a flat base, with an 8mm bolt hole in each corner,......so, by fixing a 4mm aluminium plate ( cut to the same shape as the seat base )to the seat base, you can use the position of the front holes ( I used 8 x 60mm studs in the front 2 holes ) & bolt through the ali plate ( using 8 x 20mm bolts )into the rear seat base holes, - then by using 8 x 50mm bolts through the ali plate, you can re-position the seat rear mountings!! - if like mine, the seat still ends up over the suspension, then put a 8mm nut on your mounting studs to raise your base to the same height of the heads of the suspension bolts , so keeping it all level!! ( for extra stength, I created 100mm washers that fit over the studs each side of the floor, then locking it all together with nyloc nuts - remember there must be at least 2 threads through the nuts for iva! )

........hope that kind of makes sense & may help ??




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Guest Chris Russ

Hi, - No, the seat belt mountings ( especially at the rear ), & the pedal-box mountings needed strengthening too! - as per the earlier post, i'll try to post some pics at the weekend, .....if I cant get them posted, im more than happy to e-mail pics directly to you, if that would help?!



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Guest Chris Russ

Hi Paul.........You were right with your advice!!! -- I routed the seatbelts over the roll-bar, - besides the seat backs not being strong enough & could fold over in the event of a crash ( right again! ) -the slots would be too low to comply! ......with the belts routed over the roll-bar it worked out to be spot-on the right height for the testers guage ( the stick that he stands on the seat base, with the 'T' top to give him the height! ) , I did have to explain the theory to him that because the belts run over the roll-bar, the load is spread through it in an impact??! ( well, he believed me!!! )

--- I was really surprised as to the amount of times the tester refered to the IVA manual to see if my cars components were compliant though, ...but I thought that 'most' of his comments ( failure points ) were fair.


Thanks again for all your help & advice......must owe you a beer or two!!!


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