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I spoke of this a while back but decided now the show season is over this could be fun.


Ive been looking at 2 central tracks ppik leeds and f1 karting at wakefield


dependant on numbers depends on prices. it would be about £45 quid for the 40 min iron man session


Both are quite technical tracks. leeds is a bit easier to drive ,f1 is very physical.


Wakefield is 15 max ,leeds is 18 max.


wakefield has a seating are above the track for an after race chin wag. leeds has a nice bar area separated by glass to the track.


Id be looking at arranging for the last sat in November 30th. Give me an idea on whos definatley interested and which track youd prefer and ill sort something out ,I will want deposits that can be sorted once booking is undertook.


Anyone fancy this ????????

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Cheers for the interest guys. But need more numbers to make this doable

Spoke to Wakefield too. Price is 40 quid for a 10 mins qualifier and 40 min race split into 2 halves.

If we get over 12 price goes down a fiver .. much cheaper than leeds

I can get people to fill spaces but ideally would like a rhocar only event

And if it works well.ill sort em more often maybe quarterly.


So come on lets get recruiting.

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