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Brake Discs Identification

ivan the terrible

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hi all, could anyone tell me what vehicle my front discs might be off, in the process of changing my discs and calipers, thought that they were all sierra parts, how wrong was I, calipers are from a mk 6 escort, discs I don't know, the ones I've tried are not deep enough so don't fit on the hub correctly, see pics, I'm wanting to put vented discs on, got solids at the moment, can anyone help!!!!!!




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Guest mower man

Hi Ivan will try to get to my supplier on monday and borrow his parts book for an hour to see if I can identify them , I keep an eye on here [he-he] incase sombody is quiker ok mick :crazy:

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Guest garyfelton

Hi Ivan,


Most calipers won't have enough clearance to change from solid discs to vented discs as the vented discs are wider. I would check how much clearance you have between the

disc and caliper before buying vented discs. HTH Gary

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PIc shows caliper should have clearance for vented disc


could be a mk3/4 escort disc. no markings on it ??


http://brakepartssup.../d537_ford.html try here it may help dude





http://brakepartssuperstore.org.uk/contents/en-uk/d6296.html like I thought

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You should be happy to stay with solids. Add in some performance pads, mintex m1144 if they do them, and your brakes will get up to temp and stay there well. Most vented discs are overkill for such a light car as yours and run too cold except on a hard track day.



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