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Hood Chassis


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For people that know Colin, he is selling his Hood chassis. I can't remember how many were built but probably about half a dozen? Some brainbox will correct me, I'm sure. This is the best one of the bunch with a full rollover cage and would be great as a track day car, as a 750mc entry or just as an excellent road car. If you don't want the full rollover cage, I can remove for free.


For those that don't know what the Hood was, it was developed to be a chassis for a Robin Hood race series. It was losely based on the 2b but lightened and strengthened to be a cracking chassis. It's designed for double wishbone suspension all round.


If anyone is interested, I will post some pictures.



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Genuinly surprised nobodies interested in this?????


Is there any reason why otherwise I'll build the blooming thing myself and flog it? Cracking chassis!!!! Anyone that wants the space of a 2B that handles similar to a Zero.

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Its the base chassis in lightweight SS tubing so no wishbones. Have a word with Richard and he might still have the jig or put your own choice on.


I would suggest that this is more a project for a 2nd time around builder as it's more bespoke and less boil in the bag. Someone that wants to create their ultimate Hood.

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Not too sorry Dan (no offence intended :) )


Putting a V8 in this will be like putting Mike Tyson with, well, em, just about any woman!!!


This is a screaming Chassis that was lightened, strengthened and developed using the fundamental principles of the first S7's. Developed by a F1 engineer to be a racing version of the 2B, it needs a screamer, not a growler! Please, whoever gets her, mate her with something elegant......

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