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Nitro Rc Cars

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Just finished building the nippers battery so called indestructible car. The steering stopped working within 30 seconds grrrrr

I can hear it click slightly but nothing else.


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We bought our two rechargeable remote control helicopters designed for indoors and they are brilliant! It says for 14 years and up on the box but my two at ten and six are really good with them, managing to land them wherever they want.

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found out wot was wrong with the traxxas tmax opened up the gearbox and there were lots of little pieces I think I know wot happened when going at full chat it just did a somersault looked good but I think the lad had flicked the reverse switch by accident so have ordered new gearbox parts and conversion kit to get rid of reverse gear so it don't happen again

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Just a tip I once got from an old rc man when I complained about not getting my boat to tick over told me to just add about 1% cigarette lighter fluid (petrol) to the fuel worked a treat, you might have to play about with the mixture a bit though. HTH

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