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Zero Suspension Build Questions

Guest bennyben

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Guest bennyben

Hello All


I am piecing together my Zero and have a few suspension questions for the old hands out there:


1. The front suspension bottom ball joints are held in place with 3 bolts each side. I have noticed that the GBS-supplied nuts have been squashed a bit on one side to make them off-round. I've never seen these before, so here's my question - do you apply a locking compound to them or just tighten to the specified torque and leave them?


2. Out of interest, does anyone recommend applying locking compound to nyloc locknuts?


3. Do you use washers on the nut / bolt for the bottom ball joints? There aren't any supplied in the fitting kit.


Many thanks for your help



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The. 'Deformed' nuts are lock nuts so just use as they are. Don't use thread lock with Nyloc nuts, it isn't needed.

Washers are advisable to use under any nut as they assist in the tightening process and stop the nut binding against the part during rotation.

Washers aren't usually required under a bolt head as commercial bolts / set screws are 'washer faced'.

Look under the head of a bolt (not cap heads) and you'll notice a diameter slightly smaller than the hexagon. This is the 'washer face'.


HTH. :)

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Guest bennyben

Thanks for the advice. I would have expected to use a washer behind every nut, but there weren't any in the pack, so I thought that maybe they were some crazy special washer-free nuts!

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The you've got to think. With the ball joints on the top, all the shock / weight is carried by only three bolts.


With it underneath, the load is spread on the suspension arm and the bolts are not under as much tension / shock from every bump you go over.


It would only be a mater of moments to change these to underneath and I would do that for peace of mind.



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