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Ouch My Eye


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Well yesterday I was using the angry grinder and got some metal in my eye.

"Serves you right for not wearing goggles I hear you all say"

Funny thing is.... I was :crazy:

Not sure how it got in, but im guessing it was sitting on top of the goggles when I took them off, or dropped out of my hair.

After waking up with one eyelid glued shut this morning I thought it was time to get to A and E.

Eyelid rolled back and a bit of rusty metal extracted with a vibrating needle. Nice


So in future I will wear 2 sets of goggles



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I've had bits flick up under my glasses and they are wrap around. The worst is the SDS drill which if you use anywhere near shoulder height blows dust straight into your face and makes it almost impossible to use.


glad you didn't do any damage.

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so sorry to hear of your " Problem " just pleased to know you OK now, :db: sorry I liked your message but did not like your Predicament my Friend. Just hope the Log Splitter was not listening !! :diablo:

Hope to see you soon my Friend hopefully at Stoneleigh unless you visiting this Wednesday.


Stay SAFE my Friend, hide the Angry Grinder for now, send the Log Splitter to Coventry :lazy:

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